Why should you care?

  • Are you positive your backup database matches your production database in case of a failover or an audit?
  • Do you need to take an application outage to extract a consistent copy of your data for your data warehouse?
  • Do you need to take your application or database offline to perform software upgrades or platform refreshes?

HPE Shadowbase SOLV and Compare Utilities for HPE NonStop Platforms – key features

  • Online loader, validator, and compare utilities load, copy, synchronize, and verify databases while actively being queried and updated, without impacting application processing
  • Satisfies compliance requirements for proving disaster recovery database is current, consistent, and complete
  • Initial, refresh, and point-in-time data-loading creates a current, consistent, and complete target copy of source data, even when the source and/or target are open for updating
  • Supports transforming, filtering, and cleansing of data being loaded
  • Integrates with the HPE Shadowbase replication engine to keep source and target databases synchronized during and after load completes
  • Dynamically adjusts replication and loading activity to efficiently utilize available resources
  • Validates that online source and target databases match in real-time, and identifies any discrepancies between them (extra or missing data in source or target)

For more information, please see our solution briefs on HPE Shadowbase SOLV and Compare utilities.
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