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Making Connections in 2017

I often compare big events to final exams. You prep, practice test, and hopefully show up feeling prepared and confident. But still, you wait and wonder if you did everything possible to achieve the best outcome. HPE Discover is much the same for me. With a set agenda and a list of objectives, I still wonder if I can meet my end goal. Whatever the outcome, the new solutions, innovations, renewed friendships and most of all the synergy of our community always makes the long journey to Discover worthwhile. Sure, most of us network throughout the year, maybe join a webinar or two, attend a conference or roadshow, but none equals face-to-face time like HPE Discover.

As in past years, it was an honor to attend Meg Whitman’s Women Leaders in Technology Reception.  A reoccurring theme from the panel was how as women we can empower and lift one another to reach beyond our potential. I could not help but feel nostalgic- it’s never been a secret at how much admiration I have for Meg Whitman. Bittersweet. She has gifted me with a better understanding of what it means to be imperfect, get back up when you are down and to follow the bouncing ball!

In our cover story, “HudsonAlpha simplifies hybrid IT with HPE OneSphere” on Page 17, learn how the industry’s first multi-cloud management solution is a fresh approach that allows customers to accelerate the journey to digital transformation and focus on better business outcomes.

As always, The Connect team wishes to express our gratitude for another year of community engagement. From our user group members, content contributors, our Board of Directors, and to HPE business units who have embraced the opportunity and importance of the voice of our shared customers and partners- Connect looks forward to another successful year.

Happy Holidays,
Stacie Neall



Calvin Zito
HPE Blogger Storage Evangelist

Calvin Zito is a 33 year veteran in the IT industry and has worked in storage for 25 years. He’s been a VMware vExpert for 6 years. As an early adopter of social media and active in communities, he has blogged for 8 years.

You can find his blog at

He started his “social persona” as HPStorageGuy, and after the HP separation manages an active community of storage fans on Twitter as @CalvinZito

You can also contact him via email at


I’m back from a great
week at HPE Discover in Madrid.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I had a fantastic time in Madrid. I had the chance to present some exciting news in the Connect booth during a Discussion Forum (DF). I wanted to share a bit about Discover and share the news with you as well.

The crowds we had at the DF were amazing considering that only 13 people can sign up for it on the Discover event website. I tried to do a rough count and I counted around 50 people. Former board member and current Connect volunteer Heinz-Hermann Adam from the University of Muenster kicked it off talking about his environment using HPE 3PAR and StoreEasy for file-based storage. I did a podcast with H2 about a year ago where he told his story. I then discussed the news about HPE InfoSight that I’ll cover next in this article. Trevor Jackson from SOCAN and Connect Board Secretary wrapped up the session talking about using 3PAR all-flash. I found a YouTube video of Trevor – though a couple years old – talking about how he uses 3PAR.

On to the news

The news is about HPE Nimble Storage but what I'm going to share extends beyond Nimble Storage or even storage. Read on to understand what I'm talking about.

 HPE InfoSight is a predictive analytics system that processes millions of sensor data points every second from across the infrastructure stack. It processes the information through a combination of predictive analytics, global correlations (comparing data across all systems around the world looking for anomalies) and machine learning in order to predict and prevent problems. 

The benefits of HPE InfoSight have been huge for our customers. HPE InfoSight predicts and resolves 86% of problems before customers even know there is an issue. 54% of issues that are resolved aren't even storage and helps achieve 99.9999% of guaranteed availability across the HPE Nimble Storage installed base.  I did a ChalkTalk that gives an intro to InfoSight that if you haven't seen yet you should check it out.

Summarizing the news

Our announcement extends InfoSight into a couple of new areas:

  • Today we announced the industry’s first artificial intelligence recommendation engine for HPE InfoSight: a new recommendations engine with pre-emptive recommendations.  With this InfoSight can help prevent issues before they occur, proactively improve performance, and optimize available resources. Preemptive recommendations are paving the path for autonomous infrastructure.
  • We are extending HPE InfoSight to 3PAR.  InfoSight requires platforms that are built with rich telemetry. 3PAR was architected for analytics and has been collecting rich telemetry from the installed base for years.  Now we are leveraging the data science expertise from HPE Nimble Storage and 3PAR customers with a support contract can take advantage of HPE InfoSight.

I have a ChalkTalk that talks more about what's new and why it's important. Here's my ChalkTalk.

Today’s announcement is a big step forward toward an autonomous data center. Instead of reacting to problems or trying to figure out how to best manage resources, HPE InfoSight sees ahead and tells customers exactly what to do. These recommendations are making intelligent decisions today that in the future can be applied automatically on behalf of our customers. Exciting times ahead!


For more insight on HPE InfoSight

Here are a couple of other blog posts and videos to help you wrap your head around HPE InfoSight:

  • Blinders Off: The Real (Proven) Value of InfoSight focuses on what differentiates HPE InfoSight and why it will be difficult for others to replicate it.
  • Check out this Overview of InfoSight from Rod Bagg, VP of Analytics and Customer support that he gave recently at Cloud Field Day. Also from the Cloud Field day is this Demo of InfoSight from Rochna Dhand from the InfoSight R&D team.

And in other news

There are a couple other pieces of news covered on my blog: Cloud backup made simple with HPE Cloud Bank Storage and the next version of Recovery Manager Central. If you want to get a head start on things, the links are to the ChalkTalks I've done.

Finally, the best of 2017.

In keeping with the best of 2017, I wanted to point you to the top 5 blog posts on Around the Storage Block from the past year:

It has been an exciting year for me in HPE and Storage. There’s been a lot of change as well and sometimes change can be hard. However, I am as confident as I’ve ever been in HPE and look forward to the great stuff ahead as we continue to focus on making Hybrid IT easy! See you in 2018.



Kelly Baig

Badging Program Manager
HPE Education Services


The more you learn, the more badges you earn.

Learning is a critical part of how we stay ahead, helping us to develop the skills that we need to achieve peak performance levels.

Using Hewlett Packard Enterprise's new badging program, you can now track your achievements, get suggestions for what could be next in your training journey, and share your HPE-branded credentials with the world through links with Social Media.

Read these interview questions below with Kelly Baig, Badging Program Manager at HPE Education Services, about the HPE Peak Performance program and then start claiming your badges today. Here at HPE we acknowledge every step of your learning journey; the more you learn, the more badges you earn.


What is the HPE digital badging program?

A Digital badging is a common approach for companies like HPE to provide   credentialing to students who complete technical training. Some of these programs are very simple – such as providing a badge when each course is completed. Other programs have more dimensions and capabilities, to stimulate better engagement and outcomes with students – and to support richer and deeper relationships with business decision-makers and organizations. Our program is of the second variety, with robust capabilities that go beyond “simple badging” to enable better results for our business, for our students, for their organizations and, ultimately, for their customers.

What benefits will I see from the HPE digital badging program?

A Students attending our HPE training courses will gain immediate benefits from the HPE digital badging program by receiving a formal HPE-branded credential. Students will qualify to receive badges as they earn points for taking any of our HPE courses.

Receiving the badge recognizes our students for their training investment. Students can share their earned achievements with peers on social media, such as on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – directly from the student profile interface, in a quick and automated process. Sharing HPE branded badges on social media helps students to show formal evidence of their earned credentials in technology skills through HPE Education Services. This is valuable to our students for progressing their careers, building status and reputation within their online communities, in networking to improve their effectiveness and attracting attention to advance their careers.

What is the name for the digital badging program?

A We are calling this program the HPE Peak Performance achievement program. We know that performance improvement is the primary benefit delivered by our technical training services. Therefore, we feel that this program name captures the intended primary benefit of the program well. We will have an overall program badge, called Peak Performance.

When will I start earning badges?

A Points are earned automatically as students complete their registration and course attendance.

What do students need to do to make sure that their activities are counted
a accurately towards earned points and badges?

To ensure that their activities accumulate points accurately, students must ensure that they have accurate data in their “My Profile” information. They can do this by visiting their “My Profile” pages, logging in through the HPE Passport account, and checking their data.
Most importantly, each student must provide us with a unique and accurate email address for our system to be able to track their earned points and provide them with digital badges. Once students have an active and accurate “My Profile” page, then all of their activities are tracked automatically – such as registering for courses and completing course days. They do not have to do anything special to report activities after they have an accurate profile.

Where can students find their “My Profile” information?

Students viewing HPE Education Services on the web page, will find a link “My Profile” in the page eyebrow menu.


How do students find their badges after training?

A Students will see their badges as part of their existing student profiles – found at the same My Profile location. Student profiles are created when students register for courses from us for the first time. Within their profile, students are able to track their course registrations, history, subscriptions, and contact information. To this, the badging program adds a new tab called Achievements in which the student will see their badging and encouragement messages, have social media sharing access, and be provided with links to information about the badging program.

Which badges will students earn from attending a specific course?

A Every HPE Education Services course contributes to the overall program points and Peak Performance badges, which look like this:


Also, courses in 6 special categories will be individually recognized and awarded; each category with its own unique set of points and badges. These are:

  • HPE Cloud
  • HPE Networking
  • HPE Security
  • HPE Storage
  • HPE Servers
  • HPE DevOps

Students taking courses within these categories will also accrue points within the category and receive specific category credentials (digital badges) as their training progresses within the category. These badges recognize a student’s investment of time and acquisition of skill in a particular category.

Each category includes 5 progressive levels of skills development. Students reach a new level with each additional day of course work completed in a category.  Examples of how a badge for HPE Cloud looks are shown here along with the progressive skill levels:


Our students can also earn special Achievement badges like this unique Discover 2017 badge, awarded for their activity and engagement with HPE Education Services; including attending events.

Click here to learn more on the badges offered as well as to learn about new badge opportunities.  

Reach YOUR Peak Performance with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.