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7 ways to spot hidden IT talent within your ranks

by John Edwards

Every IT organization has hidden experts. These individuals, possessing extraordinary talents, help their teams reach new levels of innovation, planning, productivity, and efficiency. Discovering these unique individuals, and then elevating them to positions where they can achieve maximum effectiveness, is a skill that every CIO should learn.

Spotting promising talent requires keeping a close pulse on both the enterprise and its people, says Carter Busse, CIO at business automation technology provider Workato. “Especially in a hybrid work environment, it’s more important than ever to consciously invest time in familiarizing ourselves with each and every team member — you never know who will rise to the occasion.”

As you survey your organization’s ranks, both within and outside IT, the following tips will help you identify individuals with the most promise to impact IT’s remit regardless of their current position, experience, and IT skill set.

1. Look for agility in seeking out new challenges

Diane Schwarz, vice president and CIO at building services equipment manufacturer Johnson Controls, says she looks for leaders with an agile learner’s mindset. “These are individuals who aren’t afraid to tackle new challenges on their own and who seek out a variety of roles or functions in which they challenge themselves,” she says.


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