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A Resilient Partnership

by Chris Orlando

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]K2 Insurance Services, is a leading insurance services company, with a specialized portfolio of insurance products. When K2 started to experience significant geographical expansion, it realized that it needed a technology partner that could help the business grow without increasing its exposure to risk. The company wanted a trusted partner to help scale while providing performance, security and reliability.

K2 underwent an extensive process to find their partner, undertaking hundreds of hours of analysis and research before finally choosing ScaleMatrix, an HPE Cloud28+ partner and the provider of variable-density colocation, high-performance cloud, data protection and professional support services. During the evaluation process, K2 looked at the type of technology used, the company roadmap, projected costs, ease of use and its own growth potential within the solution. ScaleMatrix stood out because the company understood the business need behind the technology strategy.

For K2, their partner had to be one that was an extension of their own IT team. This wasn’t going to be a cookie-cutter fit, and ScaleMatrix was prepared to work closely with K2 to ensure that their specialized needs were met. Using ScaleCloud for infrastructure and ScaleDeskop VDI-Desktop-as-a-Service for the user population, K2 built a scalable, stable and secure environment. ScaleCloud provided a powerful hosting platform that made it possible for K2 to control, manage and customize cloud hardware performance, billing models and professional support. ScaleDesktop allowed for K2 to expand its user base, with little to no downtime during the on-boarding process.

For K2, the latter has proven increasingly important during the rapid global move to remote working. It has allowed for them to take extra precautions when offering work-from-home options, as ScaleDesktop enables remote teams and delivers performance and security without overburdening internal IT teams.

Before the migration to ScaleCloud, the K2 infrastructure was already virtualized, which meant there was less to handle when the final moment arrived. K2 conducted multiple failover exercises before the final migration, and the ScaleMatrix team worked closely with the K2 IT department to ensure nothing was overlooked and the process was seamless.

Of course, not everything always goes to plan. During the VDI migration, K2 and ScaleMatrix discovered that the standard VDI Desktop deployment was not going to correctly integrate with the ScaleCloud environment. They had to rapidly collaborate and innovate to come up with a solution that would meet K2’s needs, while still allowing for the VDIs to function successfully in the ScaleDesktop environment.

On the final day, the entire migration process took around two hours to migrate more than 40 servers, 80 VDIs, and 15 deployed applications. The K2 IT team and ScaleMatrix worked side-by-side to ensure that the entire process was a success.

While K2 is still in the early stages of implementation, the company is already seeing the benefits of the solution. It’s helping the company to support its existing business as well as growth. K2 is still working with ScaleMatrix to ensure that its chosen technology solution allows the company to remain focused on delivering specialized insurance products.

K2 believes that relationships with the right people make all the difference and that it’s easy for any vendor, during the sales pitch, to claim to outperform and successfully execute, but ScaleMatrix has been able to deliver exactly what was promised. ScaleMatrix has become an important partner and extension of the K2 IT team and has developed future-proofed colocation and high-performance cloud services solution that delivers a competitive advantage in the ever-changing IT landscape.

ScaleMatrix is an HPE Cloud28+ partner and is featured on the platform’s new business continuity platform, designed specifically to support organizations in changing times that demand business resilience. The dedicated business continuity solutions platform showcases high-performance business continuity solutions powered by HPE partners, and ScaleMatrix is right there, ready to help your organization find its way no matter what the future may hold.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


  • Chris Orlando

    Chris leads business and commercial efforts for ScaleMatrix and its various brands and business units. Focused on both strategic direction and overall execution, he credits his nearly two decades of experience across a broad spectrum of positions within the hosting space with helping him anticipate the constant changes which face this ever evolving industry. Prior to ScaleMatrix, Chris served as president of the Complex Drive Data Center Group for four years, and held a number of key leadership positions within the hosting and colocation industry.

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