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Agility that breaks records, smashes boundaries

by Brandi Boyd

Agility that breaks records, smashes boundaries – Dallas Cowboys

When Blue Star Operations Services took a fresh look at its digital strategy, it unlocked massive value for the Dallas Cowboys and more than 150 other business ventures run by its owner, president, and general manager, Jerry Jones. By building its private cloud, the company created the agility it needed to launch itself into new business ventures, unify technology silos across the organization, and deliver a high-performance video platform for players and coaches.

A big brand in a small world

American football is more than just a competitive sport. Some fans are so invested that they see their home team as an extension of themselves. But there’s one team that transcends that common wisdom as much as it crosses state lines.

They’ve been called America’s Team, and they’re more than just the most popular team in the National Football League (NFL). With a valuation of $8 billion, they’re one of the top sports brands on the planet. The Dallas Cowboys have set so many standards and broken so many boundaries that the concept of the modern fan experience wouldn’t exist without them.

Free-range entrepreneurs

A lot of that credit goes to the entrepreneurial spirit of the company that owns it: Blue Star Operations Services. Presided over by famed team owner Jerry Jones, the company has always chosen its path with the Cowboys and more than 150 additional businesses under its umbrella. If it seems surprising that the company would be such an innovator both on and off the field, just ask its CIO. “I don’t know how many times I’ve showed up at a technology conference and had people say to me: Oh, the Dallas Cowboys. What are you doing here?” recalls Matt Messick, CIO of the Dallas Cowboys.

In a very short period of time, we basically delivered an entire brand loyalty platform. This would have been unthinkable before we had HPE GreenLake.

The future is HPE GreenLake

With early victories under their belts, Messick and the team are looking for new projects to bring into the Blue Star private cloud. But they won’t have to look too hard. “Other departments are seeing what we can do now, and they want the same agility and flexibility that we have,” Messick says. Coaches and players rely heavily on video to track and improve performance. Until recently, the video team has been in its technology silo. “We built up a relationship with them because we knew we could make their lives a lot simpler. We brought in HPE to design a storage solution specifically for them and their unique needs,” Messick recalls.


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