Editor’s Letter – Fall 2019

Editor’s Letter – Fall 2019

by Stacie Neall
“The lead car is absolutely unique, except for the one behind it which is identical.”
—Murray Walker

Welcome to the Fall edition of Connect Converge

Welcome back, we are glad you are here! With this issue, we are pleased to roll out the new look and feel of Connect Converge. As the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technology User Community, we aim to bring you topical news that amplifies the message of everything HPE. It is an exciting move and a big step forward in bringing the user community news on demand.

In Dana Garner’s article,  How Data-Driven Machine Learning Helps Venturi Formula E Team Refine A Winning Performance and Strategy,  it becomes clear why leading automotive manufacturers are utilizing Formula E as their platform to innovate the race to lead battery power technology. HPE provides the speed to win. Susie Wolff, Team Principal at Venturi Formula E Team, shares with us the importance of creating and harnessing data, she tells us “It’s ultimately a software race: Who can develop, upgrade, and react quickly enough..” is going to ultimately be the winner. This is the true winning HPE formula!

Are you interested in sharing your technical prowess with your HPE User Community? Contact us info@connect-community.org.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Connect Converge.

Stacie Neall
Managing Editor


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