Editor’s Letter

by wileybeale002

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Welcome to the Fall issue of Connect Converge

In this issue’s cover feature, “Securing the edge is no longer enough. SPIFFE can protect your infrastructure,” Bloomberg’s Phil Vachon shares his informative take on why reliability and trust are crucial in a world riddled with increasing security threats.

WATCH: To better understand SPIFFE and SPIRE Fundamentals, watch Phil’s interview with Sunil James @HPE Discover. Here they discuss the benefits of open source software and why SPIFFE is critical in the security architect’s toolkit.

SAVE THE DATE! Don’t forget to join the HPE GreenLake special announcement coming September 28. Hear from Antonio Neri, and special guest speakers who answer the question on what you get when you bring the cloud to your data.

As the HPE user group, we are dedicated to the vision of amplifying what is essential to you and the technology you use. Please share your technical how-to’s and customer success stories – contact us.

We hope you enjoy this issue; it’s full of informative enterprise security content and much more. Read on.

Stay Connected,

Managing Editor



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