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FAST Solo Development

by Thomas Mannigel
Fast solo Development

FAST Solo Development : A step-wise method for crafting lucrative single programmer projects rapidly

Programmers who develop software by themselves (solo coders) and their managers’ lack help because there is virtually none available. These people have had minimal information about building solo coder applications until now. This book is a comprehensive handbook for producing better solo software applications faster. Its author, a solo coder for over four decades, has built over 100 solo applications for sixteen Fortune 100 companies with a 94% success rate, This book is a concise user’s manual that includes the instructions solo coders and their managers require to promptly deliver software systems. The driving proposition behind “FAST Solo Development” is that if the developer gets all they require to do their jobs effectively and unrestricted; the results will be delivered rapidly. It is a “code like a cheetah” technique. A smart way to directly apply the solo coders’ skills to develop software fast.

This book will be helpful to developers specifically. It was created by a solo coder to benefit solo coders. If you are one, then it will help you become better at what you do.

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