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February 2024 | Monthly #83

by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The HPE Developer Community Monthly #83

Enable business automation via the HPE GreenLake platform APIs to achieve velocity, get consistent results, reduce costs, and scale. This month, we feature Part 1 of a blog series that walks you through how to use these APIs for many common services, such as workspace management, identity and access management, wellness, and more.

We also offer tips on setting up your systems to get a better understanding of what’s going on in your infrastructure.

Then, we highlight some trends you probably want to start exploring, if you haven’t already. Things like multimodal LLMs, GPU programming for productive parallel computing, and Generative AI. Check it out!.


HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform scripting fundamentals

Explore the usage of the HPE GreenLake platform API by using the APIs to build automation scripts or custom integrations using Bash, Python, or PowerShell in this blog post.

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Accelerating the adoption of the Mixture of Experts model

Learn how a Mixture of Experts model can enable more efficient computation and resource allocation to reduce the computational cost involved with large language models (LLM) and why it’s gaining traction

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Using open source monitoring at the HPE Customer Technology Center

A growing core infrastructure can present issues related to temperature and cooling. Learn what can be done with public APIs, a little bit of Python scripting and open source tools to solve some of today’s infrastructure management challenges.

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Benk: A storage provisioning and IO performance benchmark suite

Check out Benk, an open source benchmark suite for storage drivers capable of dynamically provisioning persistent volumes in Kubernetes. Learn how to use it to configure, run, and report a benchmark in this post.

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How multimodal LLMs work

Learn how three Multimodal LLMs – Flamingo, BLIP-2, and LLaVA – work, and what they have in common, in this Determined AI blog post.

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Mobile ALOHA, AppAgent, Virtual Token Counter, and Time Vectors

See what’s on the AI radar in this Determined AI blog post.

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Introduction to GPU programming in Chapel

Chapel, a programming language for productive parallel computing, has added significant GPU support. This detailed tutorial provides you with what you need to get started with Chapel GPU programming.

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