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by Hamja Iu

HPE Developer Meetup 
September 27, 2023
8am PT/5pm CET

DevOps Alert: Tool Sprawl. Complexity. Burnout. Help! 
Speaker: Chris Munford, Nethopper

Even as the adoption of cloud-native tools has grown, enterprises have actually lost their ability to be agile. DevOps teams find it even more difficult now to develop and deploy features to meet customers’ expectations.

Ironically, having more cloud-native development tools does not equate to having more agility. In fact, too many free and “easy-to-implement” tools have led to tool sprawl – a burden requiring DevOps teams to continuously integrate and upgrade their tools. Added to that, teams are challenged with managing their Kubernetes application operations across hybrid and multi-cloud landscapes, knowing who did what and when for both applications and infrastructure.

In this session, learn from experts on how to address DevOps challenges like these while increasing developer productivity and collaboration through a centralized GitOps-centric approach for automating software development and deployment, infrastructure provisioning, workflows, pipelines and more.


HPE Developer Munch & Learn
September 20, 2023
8am PT/5pm CET

State of the Nation – Linux distributions
Speaker: Craig Lamparter, Software Architect, HPE Linux Enablement Lab

Join us in our next HPE Developer Community Munch & Learn session to hear more about the latest trends in Linux. Craig Lamparter of the HPE Linux Enablement Lab will join us to discuss what happened to CentOS, the reasons why Red Hat no longer posts source code, and new minimal container deployment operating systems like CoreOS and SLE-Micro.
Craig will also talk about what some of the customer challenges are for Linux and open source adoption. He’ll cover which Linux distributions are supported on HPE servers and why, how to manage drivers, and how to leverage open APIs. Craig will also delve into approaches to system management, contrasting the benefits of enterprise management versus DevOps.