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HPE Discover 2020 Virtual Experience: Don’t-miss sessions for small and midsized businesses!

by Sandy Ono

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Get the guidance you need to thrive in a new digital world – our virtual experience, starting June 23, will be packed with insights to help you address your immediate needs and shape your recovery.

This year, HPE’s big mid-year event is coming to a laptop near you! (or PC, or tablet …)

The world has changed, and we’re here to help you navigate new challenges and shifting priorities with HPE Discover Virtual Experience. In this FREE ongoing online event, we’ll help you address your immediate needs today, build your recovery, and accelerate your transformation so that you’re ready for growth tomorrow. Mark your calendars for the June 23 kick-off, and get started now by registering here.

How our virtual event will work

You’re likely doing many virtual activities now, in addition to balancing work, family, and your new lockdown hobbies. This year, instead of taking place during one week only, HPE Discover Virtual Experience content will be accessible for several months. In addition to the keynote from our CEO, Antonio Neri, the first week will feature spotlight sessions from HPE leaders, as well as a full schedule of on-demand demos, meetings and studio interviews, live HPE Discover tech academies, and hands-on labs.

June 30our focus day for small and midsized businesses – is a key date to mark on your calendars. We’ll be offering live and on-demand sessions tackling the big questions facing small and midsize companies today. How do you steer back to financial sustainability? How do you connect with customers in a virtual world? What are the hottest trends and best moves right now in your specific vertical? We’ll cover all of these and more.  I’ve provided a quick overview below.  To learn more about SMB sessions and speakers, visit our Content Catalog and click on the SMB filter on the left side of the page.

Spotlight Session (30 minutes) 

S538: It’s a Brave New World: Recover and Build Your Next Chapter

Together with a panel of industry experts and HPE leaders, I’ll be talking about how small and midsize businesses can regain financial and workforce sustainability, monetize a digital business, and innovate at the edge with new technologies. Business continuity is critically important for small and midsized businesses in the wake of COVID-19. Speed with foresight is more important than ever to connect with your customers digitally and to find process efficiencies.

Discussion questions include:

  • What have we seen as the impact of COVID19 in small and midsize companies and midmarket customers in the recent months?​
  • In today’s environments, what are some solutions that can enable our ability to work remotely and to accelerate going digital?
  • Cash flow is definitely top of mind for many businesses; what are the things small and midsize companies can consider when it comes to financial solutions? ​
  • What new technologies are being used at the edge to help drive innovation and new customer experiences?​
  • How should small and midsized businesses evaluate cloud-base solutions vs. on-prem IT solutions?  What is the best way to manage applications and data in a hybrid environment?

Business Talks (15 minutes)

  • B539 Delivering Patient Care Digitally and Securely: Where Do I Start? See and hear how healthcare is changing. Trends such as digital patient care and telemedicine are quickly becoming the new normal, and your business needs the right IT solutions to maintain revenue streams, stay competitive and protect care teams. Tune in to learn what you need to know to set your business strategy up for success with the right IT solutions to deliver patient care digitally, securely and affordably.
  • B540 Future Proofing for Industrial IoT. Future-proofing infrastructures is one of the challenges manufacturers face. Traditional manufacturers have machines operating in silos posing a hurdle for scalability. Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s edge-to-cloud technologies transform their operations from reactive to proactive, minimizing disruptions and gaining transparency into end-to-end manufacturing processes.​
  • B541 New Innovative Digital Business Solution to Grow Your Small Retail Business. This session will showcase new products and solutions from HPE and Aruba Instant On that will accelerate your business growth in the new digital world. Anyone looking to grow their retail business will find this session helpful and not to be missed.​
  • B542 Fast Forward to the Future of IT Services Not Expected Until Now. Discussions with IT service providers have revealed critical areas – remote productivity, IT security and limited-to-no cash flow – in which small and midsize businesses will need assistance to bridge to the other side with a path to gradual economic control. This is where you can learn from other IT service providers and where HPE can help you.​
  • B543  Your Data is Your Currency: Disrupt Yourself or Be Disrupted. In the world of digital, data is the new currency, particularly for technology and media companies. But how does a small or mid-size business get into “data-as-a-service” or “analytics-as-a-service”? What aspects of your digital supply chain must be secured with the right technologies for you to deliver the customer experiences that you want? Come learn more about how to take your digital business to the next level.
  • B544 How the Digital Revolution Can Help Regional Banks and Insurers Keep Pace. Chris Ibbitson, Chief Technologist for HPE focused on the Financial Services industry, discusses the challenges and opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses and mid-market regional banks and insurance companies. Customer case studies and topics include leveraging on-premises and hybrid cloud to enhance security and agility, along with leveraging data and AI to become a truly digital business.
  • B615 Reaching for the Stars: UK SMB Transforming the Global Space Agenda. Secret codes, distant galaxies, super-cooled amplifiers and giant antennas? All in a day’s work at Goonhilly Earth Station. Learn how an extraordinary combination of disciplines and skills are coming together to forge a new force in high-performance supercomputing in the space industry. Goonhilly CEO, Ian Jones, explains how AI and ML may not be as new as we think and offers a unique perspective on how to uncover amazing commercial opportunities.

Interested in other sessions? We invite you to explore the full line-up of sessions on our content catalog and build your own agenda.  Be sure to check back often, as we add new sessions and demos daily.

As a reminder, registration for HPE Discover Virtual Experience 2020 is FREE – and with your registration, HPE will donate $10 to your choice of one of 10 featured causes, so join us and give back to organizations helping people, businesses and communities around the world recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Read more about these organizations and the great work they are doing to support COVID-19 recovery around the world. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Starting June 30, please log in to the HPE Discover Virtual Experience and search by Session ID (listed above) or by area of interest to view a session.

We look forward to seeing you virtually at HPE Discover 2020![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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