HPE NonStop News

HPE NonStop News

by Hamja Iu

Join us for the 2023 NonStop TBC in Denver, Colorado.
Mark your calendar for this SEPTEMBER 2023 event.
Customer Registration is Open.

2023 HPE NonStop Regional Events

Join your HPE NonStop Community for a local event near you!
(Stay tuned for more regional events as they are confirmed)

May 15-17 – E-BITUG – Europe
Edinburgh, Scotland

June 2023

June 1 MEXTUG – Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

June 7-8 – CTUG – Canada
Mississauga, Ontario

June 15 — N2TUG – Texas and Oklahoma
Hurst, Texas

October 2023

October 24-25 – VNUG – Viking User Group
Rånäs Slott, Swede

Author- Jack Di Giacomo

Zero-Downtime Migration: How TANDsoft Solutions Make it Possible

For HPE NonStop customers, migrations are a constant, and often very daunting, prospect. At any given point, teams may need to be preparing for migrations necessitated by database tokenization or encryption, application updates, operating system or hardware upgrades, and many other efforts.

The key challenge is this: How do you make these migrations happen without incurring downtime or risking data integrity?

Developing code to help manage this process is a massive undertaking. For example, we heard from one team who dedicated more than a year to developing in-house code that could support their migration from Enscribe to SQL/MP—and they were only able to use this code one time.

While tools are available to help with database replication, these solutions don’t assist with other elements that need to be migrated, such as application environments, configuration files, and so on. Further, these solutions don’t address the need to ensure source and target files remain in synch at all times, which is vital to ensuring a smooth, error-free migration.

The Solution: FileSync and FS Compare and Repair

Today, NonStop customers can leverage solutions from
TANDsoft that facilitate zero-downtime migrations. Customers can employ these
solutions in tandem:

  • FileSync. To
    meet their continuity objectives, leading organizations rely on FileSync,
    our pioneering replication and synchronization solution. FileSync employs
    a block-level approach that offers breakthrough speed and scalability.
    FileSync automatically monitors, replicates, and synchronizes files and
    application environments between NonStop servers.
  • FS Compare and Repair. FS Compare and Repair offers fast, advanced
    capabilities for ensuring your databases are kept in sync at all times. FS
    Compare and Repair can validate and repair HPE NonStop Enscribe files, OSS
    files, and SQL/MP and SQL/MX tables. The solution employs a
    market-leading, block-level approach that offers breakthrough speed and
    scalability. In a customer test, the solution did a comparison of
    10,000,000 records in 13 seconds and of a 1 TB multi-partitioned file in
    10 minutes.

These solutions offer an ideal complement to any online
replicator your team may be running in your NonStop environments.

How Our Solutions Fuel Zero-Downtime Migrations

By employing TANDsoft solutions, teams can efficiently
manage their migrations, and eliminate the risk of downtime. Here’s an overview
of how the process works:

  • Through continuous synchronization with an
    existing source instance, FileSync is used to load, prepare, and
    synchronize the target environment, including data, programs,
    configurations, and more.
  • Teams can either use a database replicator or FileSync
    to copy all data changes from the source database on one computer to a
    target database on another system.
  • FileSync and FS Compare and Repair are then
    used to ensure the target environment and database is consistent with the
  • Once the target environment is validated,
    teams can commence with switching over to the new environment.
  • Then, as the new application and database
    start to run in production, FileSync and FS Compare and Repair can ensure
    that the old source environment is kept in synch with the new instance, so
    teams can immediately roll back to the prior source environment if needed.


To learn more, be sure to visit the FileSync and FS Compare and Repair

Steve Tcherchian

Monitoring: A Crucial Part of ZERO Trust Strategy

ZERO Trust is a straightforward concept – trust nothing, verify everything. Successful implementation can be difficult though, because retrofitting legacy systems may not be an option, and all-in-one ZERO Trust products do not exist. Configuring your network and systems for ZERO Trust to the best of your ability is the beginning, not the end of the journey. 

Integrity Monitoring  

Systems, user roles, and technical resources change. Continuous verification and real-time monitoring are necessary to confirm controls remain effective when changes occur.  

XYPRO Technology and HPE provide security solutions for end-to-end security of NonStop systems. This includes tools for three of the highest-value monitoring you can implement.

  1. Continuous Integrity Monitoring for awareness of changes, expected or otherwise, on your NonStop systems.   
  2. Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting for high-risk or suspicious activities, for example, the logon of newly created users with elevated permissions.   
  3. Monitoring of NonStop appliances, such as CLIMs and NonStop consoles. 

XYGATE SecurityOne (XS1) Integrity Monitoring provides change detection for frequently used object types for HPE NonStop systems.  XS1 Security Intelligence Suite delivers real-time, continuous monitoring for a diverse set of high-risk activities (for example, suspicious logins, changes to ProgID or License status, or use of a frozen account to name a few).  XS1 Appliance Sentry Monitor scans and reports on CLIMs and NonStop consoles. 

Below are examples of XS1 Integrity Monitoring and how it supports your ZERO Trust strategy. 

Read the rest of the article here.

Richard Buckle

NTI: When sharing the load with likeminded partners ensure more timely arrival of key product offerings.

Back in the U.S. after participating in this year’s pan-European E-BITUG event, NTI is focused on numerous regional events. Already scheduled are several trips this coming summer with the month of June looking particularly busy – trips to Ontario for CTUG, Texas for N2TUG, Mexico for MexTUG are already firmly inked in on the company’s calendar. And then of course there is the premier event for the NonStop community that will take place in Denver as fall arrives – do you plan on taking advantage of this year’s NonStop TBC 2023 to take in the golden colors of fall that will be on display in Colorado at that time?

Preparing this post comes at a time when E-BITUG is yet to be held. We are looking forward to being back in Scotland again as it always delivers a vibrant cross section of the NonStop community. Perhaps it is the Scotch Whiskey that is on hand or perhaps it is simply the location with the castle as a backdrop. Whatever the attractions happen to be, as a Platinum Sponsor, NTI will be hard to miss. Look for further updates from this event that will appear on other social media sites.

The theme of E-BITUG is to include the proposal to transform and simplify. However, we don’t have to wait till the conclusion of this event to recognize the significance of these two, very clearly related, to know that it is ever present on the minds of the NonStop team to help the NonStop community in their digital transformation journey. A journey that, once embarked upon, benefits greatly where simplification is at the forefront of all decision making. Likewise it is recognized by NTI as important drivers in all that they pursue in support of their DRNet®/Unified customers where it is now evident that NTI is focusing on expanding business connections with likeminded NonStop vendors to better populate an ecosystem that will bring simplicity to the task of product selection.

When it comes to technology and, in particular IT, the breadth of capabilities has grown to where very few IT professionals would ever suggest that they know it all. Coverage of everything, from hardware to networks and storage to the software stack and the applications is not only proving difficult, but in the extreme, impossible to address. As a result of this, vendor partnerships are flourishing today and NTI is at the forefront of ensuring NonStop users have options that they may otherwise not know about. We refer to them as groups, as we often do within the NonStop community, or simply as knowledge-in-common associations, the better known term today is ecosystem.

Across the NonStop community, there is a long tradition of ecosystems with solutions vendors. Having already built relationships with TANDsoft for product, CSP and comforte – themselves in partnerships together – for security and TCM, Odyssey and Kuvasz for services that have in turn been joined by U.S Consulting Services, Inc. Access to consulting and in particular to hiring staff is an area many NonStop users have asked us to address in the past. The objective is very clear. All of the efforts exerted over the past year have all been with one goal in mind and that is awareness. Journeys may have begun with simplification being a goal, but to truly transform NonStop users need to know who to turn to for the skillsets that only the NonStop vendor community can provide.

There continues to be other NonStop vendors where discussions remain ongoing and it is the desire of the NTI management team to create a collection of services that ultimately place the participants on a level footing with what the HPE NonStop team has assembled. The history of NonStop, indeed its very success through the decades, has been based on the presence of multiple vendors providing product offering up the selection process to choice. “The advantages of having options have always been important for the NonStop user,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales, “and NTI is firmly in the camp of more is better when it comes to what options are available to NonStop users.”

If you missed catching up with us in Edinburgh then perhaps we will see you at a regional user group in June. Hopefully, you will be already developing plans to attend NonStopTBC 2023 in Denver where NTI again will be a Diamond Sponsor. Supporting the NonStop community at this level is yet one more message of how strongly we value the NonStop community and yes, with this level of sponsorship we will be hard to miss!

Should your enterprise want to know more about DRNet®/Unified and how it would be beneficial to your business and cannot wait until any one of these events takes place, we at NTI are ready to respond to any and all inquiries. Call us on the number below or email us at any time at Sales@network-tech.com

Network Technologies International, Inc.
635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209
Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877
Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000

N.T.I. Limited
Ard Mhuire
Camp Street
Co. Galway
H91 K5PE


Thomas Gloerfeld

Why Data Protection is Critical to the New U.S. Cybersecurity Strategy


While the threat landscape moves at a sometimes dizzying speed, some parts of the cyber-sphere have been ossified for decades. One is the relative agility of threat actors versus those tasked with defending networks and tackling cybercrime. Another is the apparent inefficacy of market forces in improving baseline security. These have been persistent challenges for many years. Such challenges require major shifts in government policy to overcome.

That’s why many commentators are cautiously optimistic about the long-awaited National Cybersecurity Strategy recently published by the White House. While the text is wide-ranging and the implications far-reaching, it’s easy to see enhanced data protection as a key step on the journey.

What it says

The strategy document broadly builds on President Biden’s Executive Order of May 2021. In so doing, it offers five key pillars for consideration. They promise to

  • Defend critical infrastructure

By expanding baseline cybersecurity requirements and harmonizing regulations to enhance compliance efforts.

  • Disrupt and dismantle threat actors

By engaging the private sector, directing a federal ransomware response, and using “all tools of national power” to counter threat actors.

  • Shape market forces to improve security and resilience

By promoting the security and privacy of personal data. And shifting liability for security risk onto vendors/developers, as well as ensuring federal grants only go to secure and resilient infrastructure.

  • Invest in resilience

By reducing systemic technical vulnerabilities across the digital ecosystem, prioritizing security R&D, and developing a robust cyber workforce.

  • Forge international partnerships

By increasing countries’ cyber-defence capabilities, and working with global partners to enhance supply chain security.

Why data security matters

Although not mentioned by name, aside from a plan to prioritize post-quantum encryption as part of security R&D efforts, data-centric security runs throughout the strategy. It must surely play a major role in improving the security of critical infrastructure organizations – where stolen data could give attackers an advantage in probing for weaknesses and extorting providers. In fact, encryption is already a key baseline requirement for critical service providers listed in the EU’s new NIS 2 legislation agreed upon last year.

It is also likely to be a key consideration in issuing federal infrastructure grants. What better way to incentivize better security than by mandating strong data encryption as a baseline requirement for government funding?

But perhaps the strongest link between data-centric security and the new National Cybersecurity Strategy is in the latter’s promise to promote “privacy and the security of personal data.” This pillar of the strategy identifies some key strategic objectives including:

  • Holding “the stewards of our data” accountable
  • Supporting legislation that provides “strong protections for sensitive data like geolocation and health information”
  • Legislating for national standards for securing personal data, which align with NIST standards and guidelines

While such legislation is far from assured given the divided nature of Congress, it shows a clear direction of travel and builds on the 2021 Executive Order, which mandated all civilian federal agencies to adopt encryption for data at rest and in transit.

Yet it’s not just important to secure sensitive data. It’s also vital that government agencies, critical infrastructure providers and other businesses can use that data to generate insight and make better strategic decisions.

That’s why comforte offers data-centric security technologies like tokenization and format-preserving encryption (FPE) that apply strong protection to data without impacting its utility. That’s the way to reduce breach risks whilst driving innovation and growth.

Global organizations could save millions by reducing breach costs, replacing legacy security and simplifying their environments in this way. And in so doing, they’ll be aligning themselves with a vision for the future of cyber-risk management set out at the highest level of government.

Want to learn more about data protection methods?

Click the button below to download our free eBook (without filling out any forms!) and get more in-depth information about the advantages and disadvantages of leading data protection methods like tokenization, encryption, hashing, masking, and more.

Download eBook

Mirko Buzolitch

ETI-NET: Proactively engaged in fighting Ransomware for NonStop users

(Image from the Center for Internet Security)

As you read this post, the major European NonStop event of the year has wrapped up. Look to future articles for updates on all that transpired at that gathering. For ETI-NET it is very much a case of looking ahead at the numerous community events planned for the summer culminating with the premier event of the year, NonStop Technical Boot Camp 23. In this upcoming, annual NonStop focused event, ETI-NET will be participating as a Diamond Sponsor.

“I am clearly excited about where HPE NonStop is going and how the BackBox (BB) product suite will fit in with the directions HPE is taking,” said COO at ETI-NET, Benoit Caron. “With the support for NonStop as a traditional system together with the increased interest in virtual NonStop including opportunities to leverage private and public cloud services, I am looking forward to exploring further the opportunities the steps taken by HPE affords ETI-NET in the future.”

For ETI-NET we continue to enjoy a close working relationship with the HPE NonStop team, these interactions at NonStop events are the ideal proving ground as we are witness to ideas percolating to where recognizable trends can be identified. Taking the next step and translating them into product features becomes an easier step to take.

Perhaps nowhere has this been more influential on ETI-NET than with the user community openly talking about embracing cloud computing. And nowhere has this proved more fertile a ground to introduce BackBox With QoreStor®.

“Watching the rise of cloud computing is proving to be an invaluable experience for ETI-NET and the discussion around cloud computing were the catalyst for further development and indeed, moves to license QoreStor® from Quest Software to better support the NonStop community,” said Benoit Caron.

It didn’t take too many conversations we have been having with our customers at recent NonStop events to realize how best to access external resources including those provided by public cloud service providers in a cost effective, non-disruptive manner and with minimal risk. Inexpensive secondary storage held the promise of being able to reduce the overall need for storage even as it afforded the NonStop community additional levels of security.

Representing a significant as well as a timely next step for ETI-NET, BackBox With QoreStor®, is providing us with an industry leading data deduplication capability. Furthermore, its support for immutable storage, air-gapped for greater security, allows our customers to address security concerns that for the NonStop community have already proved worrying. With BackBox With QoreStor®, ETI-NET provides protection against one of the most newsworthy security concerns; Ransomware.

Whereas BackBox and virtual BackBox both support secondary storage options, as in providing safe file backup, it is now an option with BackBox and virtual BackBox to wind back files to pre-Ransomware state even as the enterprise addresses the task of detecting and then eliminating whatever approach was taken in launching a Ransomware attack.

Continue to look for ETI-NET participation at regional user events worldwide but especially when it comes to NonStop TBC 23. However, should you not be able to attend either event or simply need to talk to us sooner, you can reach the ETI-NET team through the use of the contact information, below.

Mirko Buzolitch

Daniel Craig

TCM – taking a win on our home field during E-BITUG
prepares us for an away win with NonStop TBC 2023


In the lead up to this year’s E-BITUG in Edinburgh we highlighted the benefits we saw in participating in an event that for all sakes and purposes was played out on our home field. Edinburgh, Scotland is a city that many associate with TCM and for that reason alone, we made sure that we supported the event with as many TCM associates participating as then-current projects allowed. While you will be reading about this in more detail in the weeks ahead, the timing of this digital publication means that it remains a case of letting what is an upcoming event for us at this time, fully play out.

However, what we can discuss is our upcoming participation in this year’s premier NonStop event, the NonStop TBC of 2023 (#NSTBC23). This will be an away game for us where there will be many others celebrating home field advantage, but it shouldn’t be too big a distraction as we have been long term supporters of TBC for many years. Expect us to be supporting many of the usual attractions that we lobby for each year; the Under 40 SIG, for instance, even as there is bound to be some fine Scotch Whisky to be sampled by those who stop by our table.

When it comes to major events like E-BITUG and NonStopTBC23 there is a consistency in the approach we take. Such consistency is highly visible given the nature of our services business. Today, we continue to support NonStop customers and the projects they are pursuing in all corners of the map. As a global purveyor of all things NonStop it shouldn’t be difficult finding a team member actively engaged in the support of a NonStop project anywhere you happen to look.

Hybrid IT; Analytics; Virtualization; Monitoring and Management Oversight; GreenLake – there are many contemporary products making an appearance on NonStop. Whether you associate all of these with a digital transformation, for many of our NonStop customers it has become paramount for the continued presence of NonStop within the enterprise to demonstrate capabilities associated with these products. What will really set TCM apart is the strong relationships we have formed with the HPE NonStop team as well as our ties to the many NonStop vendors attending the event.

It is simply the nature of the managed services industry to be across all the latest product offerings and to this end, the exposure TCM has had to all that is happening within the NonStop community is proving invaluable. If you are concerned about virtualized NonStop (vNS) or GreenLake then yes, TCM has already gained considerable experience on both counts and when it comes to the transition from traditional NonStop to virtualized NonStop, for instance, TCM has invested resources to better understand the ins and outs of an optimized vNS deployment.

Our message to the NonStop community has been consistent and began with NonStopTBC22 last year. As part of our investment in advancing the skillsets of our team we talked about our own journey to virtualization and where we’ve come since and our plans for the future as we bring legacy applications to the cloud using DevOps methodologies. Shiva Subramanian of TCM will continue to provide an in-depth look at vNS in particular and all that is required for a successful deployment of vNS.

Likewise, Andy Vasey of TCM will have provided further update on TCM InSight at E-BITUG and whether you are a systems manager or senior management looking for independent appraisal of your NonStop system functionality, then this will continue to be of interest to you. With the deployment of this product in NonStop installations, users are given a quick snapshot assessment aimed at providing a clear and accurate understanding of their NonStop systems and setup. Expect further updates on TCM InSight at NonStopTBC23 in September.

There is no denying the value of a home field advantage. Fortunately, when it comes to the NonStop Community, the playing field shows no apparent tilting in favor of any one side. On the other hand, when at home there are never any language issues to deal with. But aside from that, the opportunity to expose the NonStop community to the many TCM team members present and to the skillsets they possess provided the company with networking opportunities among potential future clients.

The same can be expected when next we visit the U.S. for NonStopTBC23 and perhaps we will not have as many team members participating, but if previous experiences with the NonStop community count then perhaps the fine line separating home field from an away pitch becomes less important.

What remains important for all of us is simply seeing even more members of the NonStop community at the premier showcase of all things NonStop and if we missed seeing you in Edinburgh then we would welcome an opportunity to do so when next we meet in Denver. Hope to see you there in September! 

nonstop@tcm.uk.com   www.tcm.uk.com

Steve Tcherchian


This May and June, join XYPRO and your HPE NonStop community in Edinburgh, Auckland, Sydney, Toronto, Mexico City & Dallas for informative presentations, demonstrations and networking.

XYPRO Presents – Identify, Protect, Detect – A ZERO Trust Approach to Ransomware Protection

Ransomware encrypts victims’ files and demands payment in exchange for the decryption key. No business is off limits. Learn the basics of ransomware, how it spreads, and what organizations can do to prevent, detect, and respond.

Go over the tactics used by cybercriminals, the impact of ransomware attacks on businesses, costs associated with paying a ransom, restoring data and systems, and reputational damage.  

XYPRO’s best practices for preventing and recovering from ransomware attacks, including implementing zero-trust security measures provided by XYPRO and HPE ensure businesses can quickly and effectively recover from an attack

PCI-DSS 4.0 is on your mind. The new PCI standard was designed with a zero-trust philosophy at its core.  With new requirements for authentication, behavior analysis, and real-time monitoring, XYPRO’s White Paper on PCI DSS 4.0 takes out the guesswork and shows you step-by-step how to address compliance in an automated way.

Henrey Fonseca

NonStop users do not abide with blind adherence to
“we have always done it this way!”

NonStop user events are always great opportunities for the NonStop community to see all the latest advancements in the platform. Today, NonStop is so varied that we are no longer surprised by what we encounter. The traditional strength of NonStop in the financial services industry is well known, but that isn’t to say that there are instances of NonStop present in industry verticals apart from finance. We become exposed to the diversity of deployments at a NonStop user event, so when we encounter something different, it no longer surprises us.

As we write this update, we are only weeks away from attending the biggest NonStop event for our European customers, E-BITUG, held in Edinburgh, Scotland. And it was E-BITUG where CSP introduced a new initiative for the NonStop vendor community, the Global NS Partner Alliance. Our objective is to create an ecosystem of partners and become “Your one-stop for everything NonStop.” Our goal is to unite the global NonStop community and provide a meeting point where customers can learn about the entirety of the NonStop ecosystem.

While E-BITUG will be over as you read this update, we are already gearing up for our hometown event in Toronto, Ontario, CTUG! Then the biggest event of the year, NonStop TBC 2023, which takes place in Denver, Colorado, for the first time.

A highlight for CSP at E-BITUG was our presentation on Vulnerability Management and Compliance for NonStop Systems. It should come as no surprise to read that this topic was a focal point of the event. We began promoting CSP Vulnerability Scanner™ at NonStop user events last year. This tool is a vulnerability scanning and reporting solution for HPE NonStop systems that analyze risks and identifies vulnerabilities by checking the NonStop system configuration, access permissions, and security settings.

The key element here is that it works and delivers on the promise of identifying potential vulnerabilities. This message resonates well with the NonStop community, as it is an easy way to check for any possible security issues. CSP Vulnerability Scanner generates insightful reports for users and recommends changes to improve the organization’s security posture. “You may have already read about this from prior promotions, but its significance cannot be understated,” said CSP General Manager Henry Fonseca.

The idea of Zero-Trust has risen in importance for the NonStop community. And CSP Authenticator+®, our multi-factor authentication solution built for universal Application and System (TACL and OSS) access, allows security administrators to implement one or several authentication methods, including token-based systems such as RSA or similar solutions.

An important takeaway from these events has been the modernization of the NonStop platform. Compliance, Zero-Trust, and Security are subjects we usually focus on. However, we don’t usually discuss the organizational challenges that sometimes prevent us from implementing the most appropriate security strategies. The famous adage, “We have always done it this way,” can present the biggest roadblock to modernizing our approach to security. However, continuing with the same old thinking about how best to secure modern systems isn’t a good policy. Anyone familiar with the enterprise, including ex-employees or even customers who are familiar with the computer facilities, has the potential to identify and easily exploit security vulnerabilities.

“We have always done it this way” can become a dangerous practice where security is involved, and at a time when organizations create Zero-Trust models to secure their systems, the prospect of having a tool that readily identifies vulnerabilities is a great starting point.

If you have any questions regarding CSP Vulnerability Scanner™ or CSP Authenticator+®, contact the CSP team. We understand the importance of implementing effective security strategies to secure critical applications and protect your NonStop systems. You can learn more about our NonStop security solutions by checking out our website and watching for further updates and articles in this publication, as well as others, including NonStop Insider and The Connection.

CSP - Compliance at your Fingertips®

For complimentary access to CSP-Wiki®, an extensive repository of NonStop security knowledge and best practices, please visit wiki.cspsecurity.com

We Built the Wiki for NonStop Security ®     

The CSP Team

+1(905) 568 –8900

Gravic Presented on HPE Shadowbase at MATUG, NYTUG & ATUG Meetings

After all the planning, the MATUG Meeting went smoothly at the HPE office in the Reston Town Center. It was great to meet a few new faces (first-time TUG attendees!) and reconnect with existing friends. The day started with a continental breakfast and networking. John Vollers presented on the HPE NonStop Roadmap, which reviewed HPE solutions and the march towards enabling HPE NonStop to run as a virtualized operating system on a wider variety of hardware.

We presented HPE Shadowbase – Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop Systems. Later in the day, Richard Conine presentedYou Did Everything Right, But… which was an interesting presentation regarding ransomware and potential solutions available for defense. Enough time was allowed for candid questions and answers throughout the day.

After a long Amtrak train ride from Southeastern Pennsylvania to downtown Manhattan, we attended the NYTUG Meeting at the HPE Customer Innovation Center in downtown Manhattan (NYC). The meeting was held on the 14th floor of the building, offering breathtaking views of Bryant Park in the heart of the city.

It felt great to attend this event after a four-year hiatus, meet a few new faces and reconnect with existing friends. The day started with a continental breakfast and networking, followed by Karen Ramirez providing a brief NonStop Business Update discussing recent industry developments. John Vollers, Richard Conine, and we presented on the same topics as we did at MATUG.

The ATUG Meeting turned out to be a busy, content-heavy day at the HPE office in Alpharetta, Georgia. The day started out with mingling, and quickly switched to in-depth sessions. The group even toured HPE’s datacenter which included an impressive amount of servers with varying builds.

Jeff Kyle, VP & GM, HPC/AI – Data Solutions at HPE, spoke about the HPE NonStop team’s march towards virtualization. Jeff also mentioned that virtualized NS is running on a large PC company’s servers in multiple locations across the world. In addition, two virtualized NS Proof of Concepts are ongoing and actually house their servers in the Alpharetta datacenter.

Mark Thompson, Virtualized NonStop Consultant at HPE, discussed different options for deploying virtualized NS including compute, storage, networking, and more. This talk illustrated the flexibility and numerous options that virtualized NS has available to meet each customer’s needs.


Ken Scudder, Vice President of Business Development at Gravic presented HPE Shadowbase – Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop Systems. We received several questions throughout the talk, and we thank the attendees for their attention.

Gravic Presenting at Upcoming eBITUG, N2TUG, CTUG, OZTUG & MEXTUG Events

Sessions of Interest at eBITUG, Edinburgh, May 15-17

Please join us at one of our presentations listed below, or visit us at our booth. We look forward to talking with you and discussing how the HPE Shadowbase product suite can provide solutions to your most pressing business issues for business continuity, data integration and synchronization, and application integration.

  1. HPE Shadowbase – Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop Systems
    Braemar Suite, Tuesday, 11:40 am – 12:10pm
  2. Base24™ ATM Active-Active Business Continuity with Shadowbase Software (Customer Talk!)
    Glamis Suite, Tuesday, 1:50pm – 2:20pm
  3. Advanced Data Resiliency and Data Integrity Architectures for Mission Critical Servers
    Braemar Suite, Wednesday, 11:40am – 12:10pm
  4. Use HPE Shadowbase to Rapidly Extend HPE NonStop Databases and workloads to the Cloud

HPE In-Booth Demo

See Connect Chapter Events for locations, dates, and registration information: https://connect-community.org/chapter-events-2023/

Gravic Published New White Paper: The Advantages of Transaction Protection


Gravic recently published the white paper, The Advantages of Transaction Protection to Avoid the Dangers of Non-audited Environments for Mission Critical Applications. Myths persist that the use of transaction management (TM) software and audited data comes at considerable cost, which outweighs the benefits. However, far from being an impediment, use of a TM and audited data not only offers significant operational, reliability, and data integrity advantages, it also improves overall system performance and utilization, allowing for increased application processing capacity on the system. 

Alternate methods of protecting data may be employed instead of using transactions, but have significant issues of their own. Additionally, migrating from an existing non-audited application to an audited application is very simply made, without changing the application and using the facilities provided by an automatic transaction facility (ATF).

Consequently, for mission critical data, there is no valid reason to forgo the benefits of transaction protection and audited data. Doing so is disadvantageous and puts an application, data, and the business at risk. Especially since existing non-audited applications can easily gain transaction protection by configuring ATF such as AutoTMF for HPE NonStop. The HPE Transaction Monitoring Facility (TMF) provides unequaled capabilities in the industry.

Introducing the Shadowbase Monitor for Web ViewPoint Enterprise

The Shadowbase Monitor is a free plugin for the HPE Web ViewPoint Enterprise product. Please enjoy the new video explaining it connects to HPE Shadowbase environments to provide monitoring, alerting, management, and reporting capabilities.

Shadowbase replication keeps data synchronized between systems for HPE NonStop business continuity and off-platform data integration. Web ViewPoint Enterprise provides monitoring and reporting for system and application health and performance, and can take corrective actions when needed. Using Shadowbase replication and Web ViewPoint Enterprise together creates a comprehensive solution for ensuring high availability and monitoring your HPE NonStop environment.

Together, Shadowbase Monitor and Web ViewPoint Enterprise create a powerful combination that will give you unparalleled access to your data, and the ability to make informed decisions in real-time. Are you ready to take your HPE NonStop experience to the next level?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos: Vimeo.com/ShadowbaseSoftware.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Copyright 2023.

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