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by Hamja Iu

Many HPE NonStop users operate in the Financial Services Industry (FSI) and face serious cybersecurity threats daily. Rather than being inundated with risk mitigation and trying to meet compliance requirements (PCI DSS), FSIs should use data-centric security to boost their business. Here is why and how.

A Springboard to Success: How Data-Centric Security Can Transform Financial Services​

The global financial services sector (FSI) is worth tens of trillions of dollars, or around a quarter of the world economy. Unsurprisingly, that also makes it a provider of some of Europe and America’s most critical national infrastructure. Given the services it offers, the data it holds and the access to customer funds it provides, it’s easy to understand why the industry has become a popular target for threat actors. In this context, cybersecurity is vitally important for FSI companies to better manage the business risks associated with serious security breaches.

But cyber should also be viewed through a different lens: as a potential springboard to client acquisition, talent retention and data-driven insight. In short, security can be an outstanding business enabler for FSI firms.

FSI under fire

It’s been a bumpy few years for the sector. Following two years of pandemic-era uncertainty, FSI firms are scrambling to deal with strong economic headwinds and geopolitical uncertainty. Rising inflation has put pressure on banks’ cost-to-income ratio while surging interest rates continue to ramp up credit losses and a decline in asset values.

At the same time, FSI businesses continue to be targeted by state-sponsored and, most typically, financially motivated threat actors. By one estimate US financial services firms alone suffered 2,260 data breaches impacting over 232 million records between 2018 and 2023. In this context, it’s easy to see why cybersecurity is viewed by IT and business leaders in the sector as a defensive measure to keep the bad guys and bay and prevent damaging breaches. But the truth is that it can be much more than this.

Springboard to success

It’s time to frame cyber and data-centric security not just as a way to mitigate risk but also as a driver of business growth. According to one report, more than three-quarters (77%) of global FSI business leaders say prospects and suppliers have asked about their security posture before signing a contract. Even more (85%) think that poor security could impact their ability to win new business, with a quarter claiming it already has. This is an important proof point: security investment is also an investment in potential client acquisition and growth.

The same is true of FSI firms’ ability to recruit and retain the brightest and best talent. The fortunes of any organization ultimately depend on the people who work there. So it’s interesting to hear FSI executives say that the ability to work from home will be critical to attracting the most talented new hires. However home or hybrid working can only function effectively if the organization is assured that the devices they use and the data they access and manage are kept secure. Not only does cybersecurity need to work, but it needs to do so without getting in the way of productivity. The same report reveals that a quarter of organizations have suffered a breach or outage which directly impacted productivity.

Finally, FSI businesses, like their peers across multiple verticals, are looking to cloud-driven data analytics to help them improve customer experiences and become more efficient. Banks use the output of intelligent algorithms to drive everything from improved fraud prevention to discovering new markets. That means they need ways to use it that don’t impact strict compliance and security requirements.

Data-centric security

This all points to an undeniable truth for FSI firms: data-centric security can help to grow customer numbers, create a seamless working environment to attract talent, and unlock the power of data-driven insight. The key is finding the right security partner. Any solution must deliver:

♦ Data protection across all corners of the enterprise, including cloud systems used to support the mobile workforce

♦ Options for data security like tokenization, which can ensure data is protected from a compliance perspective but can still be used for analytics

♦ Continuous discovery, classification and protection, no matter where the data flows or how radically the enterprise environment changes

This is the value of comforte’s Data Security Platform.

Case Study: Global Payment Service Provider Achieves PCI Compliance with Data Protection

Click the button below to download the case study:

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ETI-NET: Digital Resilience was the theme of NonStop TBC 2023 and it will continue to drive conversations in 2024 and beyond

As 2023 unfolded with the end of the calendar generating some of the serious biggest conversations held to date, it was hard to ignore the decision by the organizers to focus on digital resilience. A NonStop system may be providing an always-on, fault tolerant platform in support of mission critical business applications, but what is being carried out by bad actors cannot be ignored. Increasingly, the NonStop community is turning to the NonStop vendor community for solutions that improve the resilience of the platform.

Conferences provide ample opportunity to convey critical messages and this year with numerous conferences and events held worldwide, these opportunities were leveraged to the full by the NonStop community. Of late, however there has been an increase in the number of webinars on offer to community members and we at ETI-NET only recently delivered our own webinar: Delivering Cyber Security Advancements to NonStop Backup and Storage Management. This webinar included presentations from ETI-NET and DCIG, the storage analyst firm that covers software defined storage, that includes QoreStor®. Well attended, this webinar will be comprehensively covered in a future article that will appear in the next issue of NonStop Insider, even as early coverage will be provided across various social media channels. Safe to say, there is little hesitation on the part of the NonStop community to hear more on best practices to deter bad actors from attempting to compromise the operation of mission critical applications on NonStop systems.

In the presentation we gave at NonStop TBC 2023 Conference, given the overall theme of the conference being Digital Resilience, ETI-NET gave an introduction as to how our product portfolio, working together with HPE on backup and restore to extend the 3-2-1-1 rule of immutably by referring to the different levels of “x” to include Air Gapping, On-Line / Off-Line of Backup Data, and Control.  Additionally, by integrating monitoring, in many respects, exceeded the security requirements with the enhancement to Sentinel and working with BackBox® with QoreStor. This was just one outcome from a synergistic product portfolio driven by roadmaps that addressed current NonStop user requirements. Together with the HPE NonStop team, ETI-NET has become the go-to organization for addressing any external environmental situations potentially effecting the delivery of 24 x 7 x forever processing.

The presence of ETI-NET at the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference gave our company an opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the HPE NonStop team. New faces, new priorities and new logos always represent opportunities to converse with the NonStop team and cover the latest data protection and enhanced management features from ETI-NET. Offering solutions to a NonStop customers’ data needs with value pricing always gets these NonStop team members attention. BackBox with QoreStor has already gained interest with features like encryption at rest and transit, integrated storage control, deduplication, and 3-2-1-X best practice adherence, but with this conference, we at ETI-NET were able to work with HPE to deliver “System Build Snapshot” and “Stand-Alone Load” covering the complete bare metal backup and restoration of the $SYSTEM.

ETI-NET’s foundation and premier product offering is BackBox. With its origins as a Virtual Tape Controlled (VTC) emulating tape devices while providing high-availability and disaster-recovery support for an entire data center of NonStop systems, BackBox has continued to be enhanced as industry requirements have grown. With the addition of integrated QoreStor software-defined primary backup storage, the BackBox with QoreStor solution advances NonStop data protection agility by delivering versatility, adaptation and seamless transformation for our NonStop customers. 

Through QoreStor’s integrated cloud tiering storage, BackBox expands NonStop operations off-site storage options while reducing storage footprint and costs. QoreStor facilitates the adoption of the most popular storage types, uniquely including cloud object storage like native object storage delivering numerous services capabilities. QoreStor’s integration with BackBox means NonStop operations clients can gain more control, agility, cost savings and delivery options to protect their NonStop system data than ever before.

ETI-NET has maintained a consistent presence at NonStop conferences for many decades. Whether our presence could be observed at regional gatherings or at the premier events in Europe and the Americas, our product portfolio is such that for many NonStop users, it is viewed as an integral component in their functioning NonStop deployment. When it comes to virtual tape support, the properties of the backup and restore capabilities and our willingness to address the ongoing dynamics of a constantly changing technology landscape have made ETI-NET synonymous with NonStop and its ability to keep processing, no matter what. The pursuit of digital resilience has only added one more chapter to the story and from conferences, events and webinars, this message is resonating well with the NonStop community. Today, bad actors may appear to be lurking around every corner ready to attack any weakness at any opportunity but ETI-NET is at the forefront of deflecting any such attack to the benefit of all NonStop users.

ETI-NET product offerings have stepped up to provide the integrity, safety and security every CIO looks for as they turn to NonStop for mission critical transaction processing. Whatever type of resilience you are looking for, ETI-NET is best positioned to address. If you have missed our presentation, didn’t have the opportunity to meet with us or participate in our webinar, please feel free to view the recent ETI-NET webinar on this topic or reach out to the ETI-NET team through the use of the contact information, below.

(514) 395-1200

Gravic Announces the General Availability of HPE NonStop Shadowbase Version 6.801

HPE NonStop Shadowbase Version 6.801 (T1122^ABF) is a full release that includes a large number of new and improved features:

  • SQL/MP Exact SYSKEY Replication
    • This feature is supported without the need for using ODBC or OSS (however, the existing method of using OSS and ODBC/MX remains supported).
    • For more information, see the HPE Shadowbase SBMXSERV portion of the Softdoc.
  • Entry-sequenced SQL/MP Tables
    • These tables can be replicated via a unique index by using the KEYSPECIFIER DBS parameter, which allows exact and correct UPDATE and DELETE WHERE clause processing as the source to target “primary key” may not be the same under certain replication scenarios.
  • STATS Command Enhancements
    • These enhancements include additionally displaying the maximum value for certain lag statistics and applies to STATS COLL, QMGR, and CONS.
  • ESTATS Command Enhancements
    • This command is updated to include new options (“BRIEF” & “LISTCOUNT” & “SORT”) for formatting and sorting output and limiting how many entries get printed.
    • These options can be used with ESTATS AUD and ESTATS DBS.
  • Entry-Sequenced Enscribe Files
    • Replication of Enscribe Entry-sequenced files can be configured to use a non-unique alternate key, instead of just unique alternate keys. Please refer to the manual section describing this feature to understand exactly how positioning works when there are multiple records in the target file with the same non-unique alternate key values.
  • Consumers
    • Consumers now support user-specified timers in user exit code. The functions SBTIMERSTART and SBTIMERSTOP should be used to start and stop user exit timers. When the timer started by SBTIMERSTART elapses, the entry point USRXTIMEOUT will be called, supplying the same tag that was used when the timer was created.
    • New FILTEREMPTYTX parameter (for TCPIP architectures) will not replicate begin, commit, and abort events for transactions where all events have been ignored (dropped) through SBMAP or a user exit.
    • When replicating events using SBMAP, if an SBWHERE clause resolves to false, the event will no longer immediately be ignored (dropped). Instead, SBMAP will continue attempting to match to a map block where the SBWHERE clause resolves to true. The order of checking remains the same (the physical order of the mapping blocks in the SBMAP file).
  • DDL Command Replication (DCR)
    • DCR supports replicating events for Enscribe files using a new SBFUP utility. The DDL events are sequenced and applied in the replication stream, meaning the user no longer needs to manually apply the events to both systems.
    • See the HPE Shadowbase FUP DCR section for more details, and the HPE NonStop Shadowbase DDL Command Replication manual for more in-depth information on how to configure and use this new feature. FUP DCR-related parameters are listed in the “New and Modified SET CONS Parameters” section of the SOFTDOC.
    • Note: This feature is similar to the same feature that is already available for SQL/MP DDL command replication.
    • SBCOLL now supports automated replication traffic assignments for avoiding replication “hot-spots.” SBCOLL can now be configured to split the replication of events from the same source table between multiple replication threads with the DBS parameters HASHBUCKETCOUNT and HASHBUCKETID. This feature aids Shadowbase in splitting replication traffic for “heavy hitter” files and tables across many replication threads to avoid “hot spot” areas that commonly occur during large application batch-processing windows.
    • When replicating compressed updates and this parameter is enabled, the consumer will only fetch the source record/row if required, instead of fetching the missing field/column values for every compressed update.
  • Shadowbase Configuration Macros
    • SBBIDIR, SBBIDROS, SBUNIDIR, and SBUNDROS macros have new command input validation logic for easier configuration and cross-checking of the parameter values.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information on this release, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website.

Gravic Presents on HPE Shadowbase for Digital Resilience at VNUG

Gravic attended and presented at the Viking NonStop User Group Conference (VNUG), held October 23-25 in Sweden. We greatly appreciate everyone who made the journey from many different countries to attend this event!

On Education Day, held at the HPE office in Solna, Paul Denzinger (HPE Master Architect) presented on various topics, including Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML), ChatGPT, Database Vectors, and What’s New in SQL/MX. Paul did a great job informing the attendees about how these technologies work. He described ChatGPT, how the AI & ML algorithms function, and even experimented with ChatGPT during the day.

After Education Day, the group traveled north to Rånäs Slott castle for two vendor days. On the first day, HPE NonStop Business Direction was presented by Neil Davis and Mark Pollans of HPE. Neil covered several different sales and macro-environmental trends, while Mark Pollans described an evolving HPE NonStop system type and other developments in the market. Paden Holenstein of Gravic presented Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop Systems, which covered macro-environmental trends regarding Ransomware, and how HPE Shadowbase is addressing data recovery after an attack. Paden also reviewed the following architectures:

  • Data Replication for Business Continuity
  • Zero Downtime Migration for a California Credit Union
  • Data Integration for Data Sharing and Streaming
  • Data Validation for Data Verification

On the second day, Graham Rogers of HPE presented on HPE Digital Resilience, where he explained the Digital Resiliency framework circle (based on NIST guidelines) and the new regulations that are forcing companies to comply and act quickly. He also expressed a strong desire to work with vendors and customers alike to develop 

software that helps solve the larger Malware and Ransomware problem. Ken Scudder of Gravic presented the HPE Shadowbase Demo, as unveiled at the Fall Connect TBC event. It included several new HPE Shadowbase architectures to help recover from a Ransomware attack.

Special thanks to the VNUG board for organizing and hosting this event! It was an informative and enjoyable experience for attendees. Congratulations to Lise-Lotte for winning our JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Speaker prize!

Gravic Publishes Article on Ransomware Protection and Data Recovery

Gravic published the article, Ransomware Protection and Data Recovery, in the September/October issue of The Connection, based on our presentation and HPE Booth Demo at the Fall Connect Technical Boot Camp (TBC).

Threats from Malware and Ransomware are rapidly growing worldwide. With this increase in attacks, reliability and data integrity are now at the forefront of business concerns and a primary challenge for businesses to solve. In this article, we review Ransomware detection and recovery architectures, including immutable backups and air-gapped systems. We also review the HPE Shadowbase Ransomware demonstration architecture that assists businesses with thwarting this expanding set of unique challenges and how the solution is evolving. In case you missed our presentation or the TBC Booth Demo, then this is a good opportunity for you to learn how to create a Ransomware Recovery Solution (RRS) system.

For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos: https://vimeo.com/shadowbasesoftware, or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Copyright © Gravic, Inc. 2023.

NTI: Enjoying greater opportunities to address NonStop users worldwide

NTI Business Development Director for Canada, Latin, Central and South America, Jose Luis Ortega (or, as we all know him better as, JLO) holding the torch for NTI at VNUG

For many members of the NonStop Community, this time of year represents an opportunity to unwind a little and to plan for the coming year. It seems only a matter of course before 2024 rolls around and yet, for the most northern community of NonStop users, there was still time for one more major event – the gathering of the Viking NonStop users otherwise known as the Viking NonStop User Group, VNUG.

“NTI’s presentation at VNUG was an opportunity for the local community to hear from those who participated in the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference as well as the Euro BITUG event held earlier in the year,” said Jose Luis Ortega (JLO). “Given the intimacy of the location it was also an opportunity to update key members of the NonStop team who otherwise had missed these earlier presentations and the response from senior product managers was encouraging. Overall, when it comes to understanding the true nature of the value proposition of DRNet®/Unified and the savings that NonStop users can realize, the attendees were left in no doubt that going forward, DRNet®/Unified would need to be given serious consideration.”

It may have been a long way from home for NTI’s JLO, but his presence reflected a continuation of NTI’s commitment to such gatherings, no matter where they took place or what month of the year it happened to be. As for the helmet it has a long tradition at VNUG having been worn by many senior members of the NonStop community dating back to the earliest days of VNUG. As we draw close to the end of 2023 and look forward to what is to happen in 2024 – are you going to Berlin for the European GTUG and are you planning to for the trip to Monterey for the next NonStop TBC Conference – what transpired in 2023 marked a highly visible uptick in the support of the NonStop community by the NTI team.

“NTI support for conferences at the highest sponsorship hasn’t gone unnoticed by the NonStop community and this was done by design as there is no better marketing and sales forum than being face-to-face with the NonStop customer leadership,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director of Worldwide Sales. “Being able to talk about recent wins against stiff competition is a message almost every NonStop customer finds time to hear. And as the year does indeed wind down, I will be participating in the upcoming BITUG Little SIG in London shortly.” To further engage with the NonStop community plans for NTI participation at SunTUG, CTUG and N2TUG are already well under way – will we see you there?

One of the benefits of being a Diamond Sponsor of the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference, was that it gave NTI the opportunity to provide the NonStop community with an update on DRNet®/Unified. It was good to see a substantive number of NonStop customers attend this update. Embracing Continuous Adaptation, Delivering Business Resilience was the perfect occasion to introduce to the NonStop community, the four Es – Extricated and freed from disasters; Embraced adjustment and to communicate; Executed and put into effect; Enhanced to further improve the value.

It was this approach that we at NTI found was resonating so strongly with the NonStop community at this year’s NonStop TBC 2023. If you missed attending the conference or didn’t have an opportunity to hear the presentation, visit the NTI Web Site  and tab to the Resources pages where, under Presentations, you will find a pdf of the entire PowerPoint slide deck that support this four-step approach by NTI

To view a pdf of the presentation, check out the hyperlink above or cut and paste this url into your browser – https://network-tech.com/uploads/TBC_2023_Final_.pptx.pdf

Connecting the dots, as they say, and starting with business continuity freeing NonStop users from potential disasters to where absorbing and adapting to change becomes imperative as challenges arise to where responses are put into effect that leads to a cycle of value improvements will be the highlight of future NTI presentations in 2024. Something that was clearly evident with JLO’s presentation at VNUG. 

It would be remiss of NTI to miss an opportunity to promote news of the latest vendor to join the NTI Partner Ecosystem. NTI welcomes TIC Software as a partner with the exchange of company logos and in so doing, becoming the twelfth vendor to be associated with NTI. There is strength in partnerships and NTI is extremely thankful to the NonStop vendors that share similar goals when it comes to meeting the needs of the NonStop user community. To view the full list of partners, visit the NTI Web Site Partners page.

And remember, should you like to know more about how DRNet®/Unified meets your business needs then simply call the number below or email us at any time at: Sales@network-tech.com

Network Technologies International, Inc.
635 Park Meadow Road, Suite 209
Westerville, Ohio 43081-2877

Phone: +1 (614) 794-6000

N.T.I. Limited 
Ard Mhuire
Camp Street
Co. Galway
H91 K5PE

In the realm of cybersecurity and data protection, the HPE NonStop customer community recently gathered for a momentous occasion, marking their return to the Nordic stage after a seven-year hiatus. VNUG, the venerable gathering of HPE NonStop enthusiasts from Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, held its 14th event at the picturesque Ranas Slott. XYPRO, a renowned cybersecurity and analytics solutions provider, made a significant impact at the event, with their representative, Steve Roy, shining a spotlight on the pivotal theme of resiliency while presenting “Zero Trust Security, Compliance, and Ransomware Protection.”

Ranas Slott, an enchanting 17th-century castle located in Sweden, provided the perfect backdrop for this long-awaited reunion. The event was a welcome opportunity for professionals in the HPE NonStop ecosystem to come together, share their experiences, and discuss the latest developments in the field.

Resiliency was the focal point of the VNUG event, a theme that resonated strongly with XYPRO. Steve Roy, the esteemed representative of XYPRO, brought to the fore the importance of resiliency in the context of “Zero Trust Security, Compliance, and Ransomware Protection.” His presentation offered invaluable insights into the critical need for resilience in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats.

Resilience, in the context of cybersecurity, is the ability to adapt, respond, and recover from adverse events, such as cyberattacks, with minimal disruption. Steve Roy’s presentation underscored the fact that cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, and businesses need to be prepared for these challenges. A resilient security strategy is paramount.

Ransomware attacks have become increasingly prevalent, causing significant disruptions and financial losses to organizations. XYPRO’s approach to protecting against ransomware revolves around robust cybersecurity practices. By implementing these strategies, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to ransomware attacks.

TCM –Commitment to the NonStop community and Regional event participation as 2023 draws to a close.

For the year 2023, TCM was visibly active through our participation in numerous regional events. While our home town event in Edinburgh proved to be an occasion where once again TCM’s sponsorship of social engagements drew considerable participation it was also a time when the investments in personal and products highlighted the occasion. Again, this proved to be the case as well in Denver where TCM’s participation in the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference was hard to ignore.

These gathering of the NonStop community have continued through the year as even now, there has been further events held in Scandinavia and shortly will continue back here in the UK. The annual end of year gathering for the BITUG Little SIG on December 7, 2023, in London will likely prove to be an opportunity to reflect on the many updates, messages and roadmaps that seemed to be enthusiastically promoted with little prompting, and the London event will close out the year with heightened expectations for what will likely transpire in 2024.

As we look back at the events of 2023, we not only had the opportunity to interact with the NonStop sales and support teams but were able to use the occasion to validate our overall strategy. When it comes to our customer-driven priorities it has been these recent events that have helped reaffirm our 2023/2024 strategy is strongly aligned with the needs of the NonStop user community. Most important of all, it was met with the approval of all those we interact with on a regular basis – our clients could see the value TCM was providing in situations that called for tapping the expertise that is prevalent across all that TCM pursues on behalf of these clients.

It is this reaffirmation of our strategy and with it, the support we have from the NonStop user community that sustains our interest in NonStop events, whether their reach is regional or global. TCM readily admits that each gathering represents a litmus test measuring the longer-term future of NonStop.With what we have witnessed this year, it is clear to the management at TCM that our priorities are not just strongly aligned with those of the NonStop community but represent a valuable asset to the NonStop team.

When it comes to the major events such as this one in Denver, Colorado, and previously, in our home town of Edinburgh, Scotland, TCM finds them to be a valuable extension to our own sales and marketing programs. These events are always useful in terms of providing positive reinforcement of our support of the NonStop community even as they allow us an opportunity to converse with the Americas sales team. TCM continues to make inroads into the Americas marketplace, so the timing of this latest major event, the NonStop TBC2023 Conference, couldn’t have been better – we met with a broader population of the NonStop sales and solutions architects than we had experienced previously.

Looking back on the NonStop TBC2023 Conference, what stood out for TCM was how one of the best attended presentations was that given by Shiva Subramanian, NonStop Solutions Architect, TCM Solutions – NonStop, Evolution Through Modernization. There would be a few that would argue against virtualization as it is a part of any business journey into modernization. However, when it comes to moving from the hardware to a virtual system, we at TCM have observed that many NonStop users have faced serious challenges as to how best to begin the journey, knowing full well that the underlying infrastructure of the NonStop applications may be best described as legacy.

Will TCM see NonStop users moving to virtual NonStop (vNS) this year or next? Possibly but it would seem that such moves will likely take place towards the end of 2024 and even into 2025. “As I look at the business potential in 2024, I believe we will see an increase of NonStop Customers struggling with the management of ageing applications. Additionally, we see a push for Customers to align application management across multiple platforms. Using modern opensource tools, this standardization approach is possible,” said Andy Vasey, Services Business Consultant, TCM Solutions. “We have also been recognizing availability of resources for ageing languages e.g. Cobol, decrease significantly. Using a standard aligned approach, reduces this business risk of reliance.”

As has been our observation of late, when a NonStop user chooses to deploy in a virtual machine and in so doing, pursue an overhaul of the underlying infrastructure, challenges quickly arise. Sorting through the many industry buzzwords might deter even the most adventurous NonStop user from tackling any project to upgrade their software stack recognizing, as they seem to be doing, that it calls for experience they simply do not possess. Virtualization doesn’t mandate overhauls and upgrades and yet this technology journey has proven that pursuing both leads to cost savings easily realized by any business. Experience, access to well-earned intellectual equity and the realization that someone else is further along in their journey has contributed materially to the success of TCM this year.

Embarking on a virtual journey may appeal to just a few intrepid users, but closer to home TCM has been generating considerable interest in a tool that was only recently announced; TCM InSight. Together with Colin Yates, Technical Director, TCM Solutions, Andy Vasey provided the NonStop community with further updates on TCM InSight, a tool designed to provide simple snapshot assessments of all that has gone into the installation of solutions on NonStop systems, quickly and accurately giving a better understanding for each NonStop users of their respective systems and setups. Long a valuable tool for internal use by the TCM consultants on site, it has now been productized and is being viewed positively by the NonStop user community with strong take-up across EMEA. It is a help to both the NonStop user and TCM to better understand how the NonStop system and its supported applications perform in the users’ business environment.

Experience tells us that following our participation in this year’s events, there are likely to be many more serious conversations with the NonStop community to follow concerning the individual journeys of NonStop users, whether focused on modernization or virtualization or simply coming to better understanding of their NonStop systems and settings, and TCM will be only too happy to join you on your journey wherever your path might take you.