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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

by Robert Jenkins

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Cloud services have emerged as the true heroes in ensuring business continuity and resilience in 2020. It’s the technology that’s allowing for organizations to create flexible working conditions, so that their people can work more flexibly and stay safe. In this complex environment, Servecentric partnered with CloudSigma to create a robust multi-national cloud network to help companies keep more than just the lights on with Cloud-as-a-Service solutions.

CloudSigma built a cloud network that provides and delivers Cloud-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions to an ecosystem of partners around the world. The premise is that, by giving partners robust cloud platforms and the support of a highly competent technical team with 24/7 support, they can scale out cloud operations extremely fast.

Having rolled out cloud services since 2009, CloudSigma wanted to differentiate its offering and this required a long look at where the company excelled and the answer? Building clouds. The company then expanded the breadth of knowledge it had in storage, networking and compute so it could help other companies build out their clouds. This has resulted in the creation of an extensive cloud network that’s supported by CloudSigma and delivered through its cloud service provider partner ecosystem.

The model developed by CloudSigma has been perfect for helping organizations manage their business continuity requirements in the pandemic. With Dublin-based Servecentric, along with other CloudSigma partners, the company has provided customers with the solutions they need to scale and innovate without being shackled by physical infrastructure. And it all started with the foresight required to build the infrastructure that could support the growing surge in demand for these cloud services.

As a traditional co-location and connectivity provider, Servecentric knew that they needed to work with a partner so they could move further up the stack, by adding public and hybrid cloud services to their portfolio. The company identified CloudSigma as the right fit for their growth model and have, in the two years since they started their relationship, managed to roll up a heterogenous customer base under the umbrella of the Servecentric pay-as-you-go cloud services solution. The services included in this solution include business continuity and disaster recovery elements that are built across 15 nodes and hosted in partnership with CloudSigma worldwide. This gives Servecentric the option to expand into new geographical locations if customers need multi-node environments.

Both CloudSigma and Servecentric believe that a blend of expertise across companies with the intent of creating a service that enables and facilitates a customer’s business innovation needs, makes great things happen. The partnership, built on trust, skills and knowledge, has benefitted from CloudSigma’s insistence on only providing cloud services built on superior hardware. This commitment to excellence has allowed for CloudSigma to deliver its cloud-in-a-box service that has played a huge role in its ongoing success. With more than 10 years of experience, CloudSigma can ensure that a partner’s cloud is up and running on HPE hardware within a day, using a turnkey solution that has low execution risk and that’s based on a shared revenue model.

This has put CloudSigma in a solid position during the tumultuous events of 2020. As everything is done remotely, CloudSigma service provider partners don’t need to build additional teams. With CloudSigma, partners can reduce their time-to-market by de-risking their cloud, raising the quality of the service they deliver, and reducing investment – it’s all about having a shared interest in success. The service model is perfectly aligned and both profitable and sustainable. If costs fluctuate, then they can be adjusted based on revenue share so there is no impact on the business model.

Servecentric’s team works hand in glove with CloudSigma to deliver instant response times and to work with clients in creating powerful and scalable solutions. Both companies are deeply committed to their partnerships and focussed on elevating their cloud services to the next level. CloudSigma will be adding a number of value-added services, while Servecentric will be embracing cloud-first and driving customers from co-location to the cloud or hybrid cloud.

CloudSigma is an HPE Cloud28+ partner and can be found in the recently launched business continuity showcase that’s been designed to help organizations find the right partners for their needs. Visit the showcase here and find out more about how partnerships can change your business future no matter how uncertain the times.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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