Data analytics

Why Data-Centric Security Is a Critical Foundation for AI-Powered Analytics

Data analytics have been used for decades to enhance business insight and drive efficiency, growth and innovation. However, the addition of intelligent algorithms and cloud computing power offers potentially game-changing opportunities to push these benefits even further. The challenge, as ever, is to ensure the underlying data itself is kept as secure as possible. If not, business leaders may lose confidence in its accuracy and expose their organization to significant financial, reputational and compliance risks.…

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Edge Computing is Thriving in the Cloud Era

Today’s edge technology is not just bolstering profits, but also helping reduce risk and improve products, services, and customer experience.

Recently, an increasing amount of hope is attached to edge computing. The industry is buzzing with bold ideas such as “the edge will eat the cloud” and real-time automation will spread across healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Experts agree that edge computing will play a key role in the digital transformation of almost every business.…

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