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Consider this the year of focused NonStop events. Where else can you learn more about NonStop than meeting with your peers?

by Brandi Boyd

From your TCM Marketing Team

There are no signs whatsoever that the NonStop community has become jaded by the number of opportunities afforded to them regarding events and conferences. A quick glance at the events calendar on the Connect Community website tells its own story. It looks like there is no place on the map where you won’t find a NonStop event being planned. The list is long and, as yet, doesn’t reference the upcoming HPE Discover 2024 event to be held in Las Vegas. Whatever might be in the works to be announced at this major HPE event of the year, we can all be assured that there will be surprises in store for the attendees.

With the focus on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Metal-as-a-Service (MaaS), the NonStop sales team firmly believes it has something fresh to take to the marketplace. With separate services-oriented solutions for finance and manufacturing, solutions supporting the services push are bringing with them years of experience in these markets, and that has seen a marked turnaround in expectations for further success with NonStop. It has long been the message championed at major events like HPE Discover by HPE CEO Antonio Neri that fuels this tight focus by the NonStop team on finance and manufacturing. Today, with vendors like Lusis (for payments) and abat+ (for manufacturing), TCM sees NonStop solutions vendors capitalizing on this all-consuming focus of HPE that is trending in a positive manner.

None of these planned events has escaped the attention of TCM. Already, plans are in the works to be present for many of the events listed on the Connect Community website. Through participation in gatherings of like-minded members of the NonStop community, TCM truly gains a realistic appreciation for what will likely transpire in 2024. An exchange with a NonStop customer planning a tech refresh, an application migration, or simply a modernization of their infrastructure is all that is needed for TCM to address an opportunity that might arise.  

“As we enter 2024 and begin a journey, we feel very positive about the acceptance of PaaS and MaaS by the enterprises where we have a presence; it has made us excited by the prospects for NonStop and for the overall business opportunities for TCM,” said Andy Vasey, Services Business Consultant, TCM Solutions. “In taking a proactive stance in helping the NonStop sales efforts in support of PaaS and MaaS, we are already seeing a strong potential for further growth of TCM as well. There’s really no substitute for working with something that is gaining traction in the marketplace, and while it’s in the early days, we are seeing enough activities to confirm for us that HPE is heading in the right direction.”

Irrespective of the solution driving the sale of NonStop, whether finance or manufacturing or even just the metal, for TCM, it just makes so much sense that the platform is NonStop. Ultimately, for the global NonStop community, the storyline we hope to see developing in 2024 is all about adding more NonStop systems into the marketplace. Arguably the best mission-critical platform available today, we are tooling up at TCM to support new NonStop customers just as we continue to support the existing NonStop user community. It is this sense of anticipation, the mere fact that the activities we have seen up until now are proving to be truly a good place to start.

“Following the conversations that began at NonStop user events last year, TCM is encouraged to see the attention paid to cyber security. The NonStop user community is fully aware that the inherent architecture of NonStop makes penetration by bad actors highly unlikely. Yet, here at TCM, we are not prepared to rule out any such attacks,” said Andy Vasey. “Our premise is that being prepared is the first step, and having a services provider like us by your side, along with the experiences we have gained, is of great benefit for all members of the NonStop community. A depth of experience is a good place to start whenever NonStop customers evaluate working with a services company.”

Travel plans for the TCM team are already in place for the first half of the year. Clearly,  the pan-European event in April will be a big drawcard for our European customers, and you will hear directly from Daniel Craig, TCM Solutions Managing Director. Still, there is bound to be an increased interest among the TCM team in becoming more engaged with their North American clients. Getting out there and joining the NonStop community, NonStop customers, and the NonStop sales teams specifically have always been a known way of communicating our message, and this will be the goal for TCM in 2024.

“Yes, we are looking forward to seeing as many of our NonStop customers as we can here in Europe and the Americas,” said Daniel Craig, TCM Solutions Managing Director. “We value all interactions with the NonStop community highly as it is through the many conversations that our plans more readily become real, and for that, we believe there is no better place to absorb change than engaging directly with the NonStop customer.” For those attending the upcoming SunTUG event, look out for Daniel and make sure you engage him for any opportunities you may be entertaining.

Should your own plans include addressing changes in the platform, embracing the latest solutions as-a-service, adding to your infrastructure deployment, or simply taking steps to shore up your security protection, TCM is only too happy to join you on your journey wherever your path might take you.

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