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The 3 Traits of Successful Cyber Security Leaders

by JC Gallard

The cyber security transformative urgency in many firms forces to look beyond traditional technology profiles

Cyber security has risen to prominence on the agenda of many business leaders.

Large firms have been struggling with it for decades in spite of significant investments in that space, but for many across the boardroom, the realisation has taken place over the past few years that cyber-attacks were simply a matter of “when” not “if.

In many organizations and industries where cyber security maturity has been low for decades, large scale transformative initiatives are shaping up, but in the current context of the global enterprise, with supply chains disrupted by the post-pandemic chaos, climate change and geopolitical imbalances, leading those initiatives and successfully delivering them requires a certain type of profile, which may be far from the profile of your traditional CISO.

First of all, we have reached a point in terms of urgency and complexity where successful cyber security leaders have to be trusted business insiders.

That goes way beyond the usual cliches by which the CISO “has to talk to the business in their own language” in order to paint security to them as an “enabler”. Those ships sailed long ago. Cyber security is now an imperative in the face of global and virulent threats that can simply take your business down. Period.

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