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A busy end of year for HPE Storage!

by Calvin Zito

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Happy New Year! Well, it’s a new (fiscal) year here at HPE and 2020 is just around the corner. And we finished our fiscal 2019 with a bang. There were several announcements and we hosted bloggers at an event in Anaheim at Disneyland. So let me touch on each of these and give you links where you can get more.


Hello GreenLake Central

While I writing this, HPE Discover More in Munich is wrapping up and we made a significant announcement related to HPE GreenLake. HPE announced HPE GreenLake Central, a new intuitive self-service portal that helps customers rapidly deploy services, gain cost and compliance insights, and simplify hybrid cloud management across their entire IT estate. Early customers are trying it now, and more will join soon. General availability is expected in early 2020.

HPE GreenLake Central provides:

  1. A modern cloud experience on premises.
  2. Insights and control across the entire IT estate.
  3. Simplified IT management with cloud ops tools and automation, all in a managed service and all based on HPE’s decade-long experience of IT as a service.

You can watch a video summary of HPE GreenLake Central and  read the press release. We’ll have more details in the coming weeks on our hpe.com blogs.


Changing the game with hyperconverged infrastructure

In late October, we had an announcement around our hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) portfolio. That portfolio includes HPE SimpliVity and HPE Nimble Storage dHCI (disaggregated HCI). If you’ve followed what we’re doing with infrastructure – using technology like HPE InfoSight – to help make infrastructure management AI-driven.

David Wang who manages our HPE Storage product marketing team wrote this in a blog post, “AI-driven operations and insights can transform IT’s approach to infrastructure management, moving from a reactive to a predictive model. HPE InfoSight, the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure, has led this transformation through cloud-based machine learning and deep telemetry that provide  global intelligence across our installed base. HPE InfoSight not only enables infrastructure to be self-managing, self-optimizing, and self-healing. Its predictive analytics have saved customers over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity in the last decade. That’s a lot of Day 2 challenges that didn’t impact businesses.”

Check out David’s full blog post on ATSB. Here are a few more resources for you:


HPE Primera news

We’ve had a few news items that were covered on ATSB around HPE Primera, the new tier-0 all-flash array for your mission critical apps. Here briefly are those items and links to the blog posts:


Announcing HPE XP8, 8th generation of the XP Array

I was part of the team that announced the original XP Disk Array. I have a blog post talking about the next generation of the XP, the HPE XP8 that we announced recently. Think even more availability and performance. Check out my HPE XP8 Chalk Talk.


Tech Field Day Exclusive: A deep dive with HPE Storage

In mid-October, we hosted 10 delegate bloggers at Nth Symposium. We had 8 deep dive sessions with the delegate bloggers making it an interactive Q&A session. I have a blog post with all the videos and blog posts from our guest bloggers but I think the videos from the event are really impressive so here’s a list of YouTube videos from each TFD session and the HPE presenter:

So let me be the first to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (or whatever you celebrate during the year-end holiday season)! Here’s to 2020!





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