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Why HPE Digital Learner brings value to organizations

by Ed Burke

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Around the world, CIO’s and IT department leaders have stated that increased training is needed to guarantee the success of IT projects.  In my experience, 40-51% of teams need to be trained in order to be effective but despite this need, organizations are rarely able to train enough people to meet project requirements.  HPE has responded by implementing a Digital Learner platform as part of its Learning as a Service strategy.  Integrated into a cloud based platform, HPE has added over 250 hours of its own technical training course content available to customers as a Bronze level annual subscription for individuals and teams. A Silver level subscription is also offered, which includes hundreds of hours of additional training on technologies such as Linux, Microsoft, DevOps, artificial intelligence, blockchain, public cloud, and security.  HPE Digital Learner augments (it does not replace) event-based, instructor-led training courses with a highly available, cloud-based, self-paced, subscription service and organizations may choose to include both instructor led and self-paced training into its training plans.  HPE has also announced Right Start Knowledge Bundles which include a mix of self-paced and instructor-led training all designed to make it easier for organizations to ramp-up on particular technology environments.


HPE Digital Learner adds value to your organization

Scheduling: Even the largest organizations find it difficult to pull teams out of the field to attend technical training. Attendees are often expected to train their own organizations.   Matching the timing of the training to coincide with projects is extremely difficult.

HPE Digital Learner is sold as an annual renewable subscription service allowing team access to multiple courses continuously.  Self-paced technical training is on-demand and highly available and learners can consume training at the pace that fits their job requirements.

Learner skill level: Traditional course delivery expects all students to be at the same skill level and it is difficult for training managers to determine which course most closely aligns to their business needs.

HPE Digital Learner allows learners to be trained at their own pace with a wide range of courses which are updated, indexed and divided into easy to navigate modules. Learners can bookmark sections, repeat, research or quickly scan for a course as needed which may be viewed at any time or location with internet access and a standard browser..

Hands-on Labs. HPE virtual labs (vLabs) provides secure access to remote and onsite hands-on preconfigured and dynamic training solutions.  These vLabs are a critical component of the HPE training portfolio.

HPE Digital Learner subscription includes over 10 courses with HPE vLabs that may be scheduled on demand.  These virtual labs are often rated as the most important party of training courses.

Classroom community. One of the most recognized values of classroom style training courses is the creation of a community of learners interacting with each other and directly with the instructor.  Once the course is completed these connections are often lost.

HPE Digital Learner provides social learning, digital credentials, peer-to-peer and online expert communications allowing the learner to interact with other students, the HPE community and their own team.

Next Steps: The costs of a single user subscription with access to the HPE content library is equivalent to four HPE training credits.   If you are interested in scheduling a demonstration or learning more about HPE Digital Learner please Contact Us on the web or by email to educontactus@hpe.com


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