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Stan Wisseman is a Chief Security Strategist and Business Solutions Director for Micro Focus’ security products. In these roles, Mr. Wisseman is responsible for providing driving business, but also providing thought leadership and insight regarding the ever-changing global threat landscape. Mr. Wisseman has over 30 years of information security experience and has built security into products, systems, software, and enterprises. He has worked for the NSA, Oracle, Cable & Wireless, Cigital, and Booz Allen Hamilton in roles that have ranged from Security Engineer, Product Manager, and Director of Information Security consulting practices. Prior to joining HPE in 2014, Mr. Wisseman served as the Chief Information Security Officer for Fannie Mae with responsibilities for information security and business resiliency across the organization.

Are we on the path to a National Data Privacy Law?

Stan Wisseman
For years, US lawmakers have avoided making tough calls about what data privacy protections we should give consumers and how they should be enforced. That finally may be changing. Last week, the US House Energy...

State and Local Governments are Under Siege from Cyberattacks – it’s Time to Act

Stan Wisseman
Cyberattacks against state, local and Tribal government (SLTG) entities has grown more aggressive. Last year the cybersecurity firm BlueVoyant published a report that disclosed State and Local Governments saw a 50% increase in cyberattacks from 2017...

Security Champions – they can help put the “SEC” in DevSecOps

Stan Wisseman
While DevOps can mean different things to different people or organizations, ideally security is an implied requirement of successful DevOps and there’s no need to differentiate by adding the “Sec”. Security should already be embedded....