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Editor’s Letter – Winter 2018

by Stacie Neall
“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find how far one can go”

-T.S. Eliot

Welcome to the Winter issue of Connect Converge

Most everyone that knows me well, including my teen (big eye roll), hears me say often “It’s not how you start it is how you finish.” My intuition told me that when Antonio Neri, President and CEO of Hewlett Package Enterprise took the keynote stage that his words would be prolific – and they were. Soon after outlining the three key priorities; customers, innovation and culture Antonio jumped right into the sticky part of technology- the place where we live our real purpose using technology to tackle both the business challenges and the human challenges. So much goodness is happening in improving food production, health care breakthroughs, and eradicating human trafficking. Technology is about the greater good and living our real purpose through the good work we do. Antonio believes that technologies greater promise lies in the good we can do. HPE is moving that needle every day.

Meanwhile back in the HPE User Community booth if there is anything we have learned over the Discover years is there is power in community. We love the fact that we are always in the top 10 visited booths on the transformation floor. With 14 Tech Forums lead by industry experts, customers and partners these forums provide a continuous learning environment. Connect members new and old understand that tech forums are not only one of the go-to places to network with peers, but also a place to get granular with their technology challenges and receive personal attention to solving those challenges. And that is another great way to start!

With so much at play at Discover, then there’s Lewis Hamilton, the famed Formula One @MercedesAMGF1 World Champion, leaving us with the knowledge it takes to compete and to win with the collaboration of technology. Unequivocally, the future really does belong to the fast. I think we all have much to look forward to from Hewlett Packard Enterprise in 2019- and we can expect a strong finish.

On behalf of the Connect team, we wish you and yours a very happy holiday and a prosperous new year.

See you in Las Vegas!

Stacie Neall
Managing Editor

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