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Enabling people to work with technology more effectively — a transformative approach to talent enablement

by Kelly Baig


For many, technology transformation is almost universally held back by the readiness of people within their teams to operate in the transformed environment. Many customers who have embraced new technology, to increase their agility and flexibility, have encountered challenges with their transformation efforts.  The impact can be significant delays in their progress and sometimes a complete halt. The primary challenges for many is finding the required talent, in equipping their teams with the necessary skills to build and manage these complex environments, and often in overcoming the resistence inherent to the challenges that occur when people confront change.

With any large IT transformation the impact on roles for teams of people is enormous both in terms of the number of roles which are impacted, and in terms of the scope of the change which is required for each role. With large types of technology transformations, including cloud and edge computing, IT and business people are impacted and require new understanding of processes, roles and tools. Without an effective approach for enabling people, the project is not only delayed but also at risk of being able to achieve the expected outcomes for the customer’s organization.

This set of challenges comes along at a time when the huge pace of technology change with digital transformation is urgent for most organizations, and when they have urgent need for more of their people to understand and apply digital technology than ever before. But these challenges with people and their skills are stalling or preventing the organization from being able to progress the transformation. Within the workforce, we also see a new generation of workers, those who are demanding new methods for professional learning and development which their organizations are struggling to meet.

At HPE we realized we needed to come up with an approach to help our customers to be successful with technology transformation by ensuring that their people are front-and-center in the transformation planning, and served within a digital community which enables their progression in the manner that they need. This innovative approach is transformative to how HPE-led technology projects are planned with our customers and increases the benefits that customers are likely to obtain from these projects.


HPE launches HPE Digital Learner™ – a comprehensive, continuous learning solution for our customers 

In rethinking the problem that organizations are facing today, we examined digital delivery platforms. Our innovation is in how we organize community engagement, project communication, and learning information for our customers.  As part of the talent enablement approach the HPE Digital Learner™ platform provides a social community for team communication and learning guidance. Our platform is designed to prescribe guided learning journeys for teams and individuals that encapsulate the steps in training and role development which our experts have defined and proven over the course of hundreds of previous engagements; it also enables metrics and reporting around any given project so continuous learning is encouraged.

This innovation responds to a huge sea-change in how customers need to obtain technical training and acclimation for technology transformation projects, which traditionally has been delivered in live instructor-led training, live consulting efforts, and/or have been left out of the project altogether. Organizations can no longer afford to send all of their people to this type of training, because of the impact to their time out of office. Moreover, the acceleration of technology change and the scope of change requires large numbers of people to be supported throughout the process of continuous change. For all of these reasons, HPE understood that today’s training model needed to evolve into one which would help to establish and support a culture of continuous change and innovation effectively for the customer’s entire organization.

Our approach is the first of its kind to focus on people with a digital delivery platform and prescribed learning journeys, tailored to a specific organization’s exact requirements whilst sustaining change over time.

The biggest benefit? Our customers establish a sustainable method for enabling their people to be successful with their technology transformation, creating a culture of success in which their people feel enabled and supported through change.

For more information on HPE Digital Learner™, visit www.hpe.com/ww/digitallearner.


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