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New look. New brains. All the tools!

by Dale Rensing

The HPE DEV team is excited to present its revamped HPE Developer Community web portal. Featuring a fresh look and feel, with easier navigation, it provides the resources you need to design and build software experiences that harness the most value from your data. With a new backend system and new design, it’s easier to use and contribute to.

A rich set of tools

A key area of the portal is our Platforms section. Here, you can find APIs, GitHub repositories, and many of the other resources we make available for developers, designers, data scientists, and architects. We host numerous platforms here, including the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, HPE GreenLake, SPIFFE and SPIRE projects, Chapel, Grommet, Aruba Developer Hub, HPE Nimble Storage, HPE OneView, iLO RESTful API, and many others.

Make sure you check out the new Skill Up section. It provides you with easy access to our popular Munch & Learn Technology Talks, Workshops-on-Demand, and other learning opportunities.

Blog posts continue to be a staple of the portal, with many of the more recent posts covering topics like AI, machine learning, how to stream data and capture it, and how to efficiently manage your hybrid cloud environment. The new blog site makes it easier to find the articles you’re looking for. We believe that sharing expertise is a great way to move technology forward and invite you to browse through our extensive library of tutorials and articles to learn new ways to do things.

Easy access

Our new portal provides easy access to the HPE DEV Hack Shack, a place for fun and learning. During events, the Hack Shack is a place where you can connect with experts in HPE and open source technologies and learn more from the teams behind these products. It’s where attendees can come to participate in coding challenges, hands-on workshops, and entertaining games. Afterwards, it extends the event experience by allowing you to continue to revisit replays of workshops and explore the hands-on workshops at your own pace.

From the home page, you can explore the HPE Design System, a set of resources for designing great apps and websites that integrate seamlessly with HPE platforms. You can also jump from there to our HPE DEV Workshops-on-Demand and our monthly community meetups, the Munch & Learn Technology Talks, where you can interact with experts regarding popular new technologies and get your questions answered. You can also directly access the HPE Open Source portal from our top page directory.

Easily access past issues of our HPE DEV Community Newsletter in our Newsletter Archive. Make sure you’re signed up to get any subsequent issues we send out. From the Community page you’ll be able to connect with us on our HPE DEV Slack channel and follow us on Twitter. You can start and participate in discussions on the HPE Ezmeral Software Forum as well.

We’re all developing something. Come join us in making the future.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new portal. Find us at hpedev.io.

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