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President’s Letter

by Navid Khodayari

Greetings HPE Community,

How great would it be if you could do a 3 day work task in just a day? What if your work was a Champion Formula 1 Team? Would those saved days make a difference? HPE sure thought so when it partnered with the Mercedes-AMGPetronas F1 Team. Analysis that would take their team 3 days between races, is now able to be done in 1, thanks to the solutions provided by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Saving two days makes quite the difference in planning for the next race when you have cars racing at over 200 miles per hour and a split second is the difference between winning the race! This bit of information, as well as a wealth of other information, was revealed at the recent HPE Discover show in Madrid, complete with an in person interview with Champion F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton, where he wowed the crowd with stories about their Championship F1 season and how HPE played a role.

Of course, Formula 1 wasn’t the only topic on hand at the Discover show; Lots of topics ranging from Mission Critical Computing, to Hybrid IT, and of course The Edge were huge topics of conversation and were presented through 3 days worth of sessions, panels, and live demos. Simply put, HPE put on another great show. To top it all off they threw an awesome party with a live concert by the legendary Nile Rogers and Chic.

Your Connect team was there for it all, and in between hearing racing stories and drinking Spanish Wine at the concert, we’re able to provide a place of community and learning to our members. Our Connect Lounge on the show floor featured multiple sessions throughout the day ranging from Blockchain to Synergy, and everything in between.

Speaking of Blockchain, we are excited to host another HPE Blockchain Forum in New York City on Thursday, February 21st. For more information and complimentary registration, please visit our website, www.connect-community.org. As always, we are excited about HPE’s embrace
of this new technology and are happy to give our members a place they can go to hear from, and network with the players involved at HPE.

After a great few days in Madrid, the Connect team is back at work to provide all we can for the HPE Community. Unlike the post F1 race analysis, the HPE Discover show is a 3 day affair we’d rather not compact to 1!

Navid Khodayari
Connect Worldwide President

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