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Connect Converge (C2) is the premier quarterly digital magazine for HPE business technology users. C2 is published by Connect Worldwide, HPE's largest independent technology user community.

What makes C2 unique is that many of the articles are written by Connect Worldwide members sharing best practices with a global community of over 70,000 in 60+ countries. Each issues focuses on a particular technology theme and is chocked full of content ranging from user-written articles, HPE engineers and op-eds.


Featured Articles


Cover Story

Summer 2016, Issue 22

The Race to the Internet of Things - Computing at the Edge
by Kelly Pracht

Focus On

Summer 2016, Issue 22

Leveraging a Big Data Analytics
Engine for Meaningful Insights

Keith B. Evans & Paul J. Holenstein


Summer 2016, Issue 22

Putting Buyers and Sellers in the Best Light,
How Etsy Leverages Big Data for eCommerce

Dana Gardner


Summer 2016, Issue 22

The daunting task of securing the
Internet of Things and Big Data
by Reiner Kappenberger