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Robert Christiansen is a key executive in the CTO Office at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, setting the strategy and evangelizing the company’s vision. In this role, Robert is dedicated to key global clients and partners, deepening the relationships and aligning the joint technology efforts to improve the way people live and work.

Robert is a contributing writer for CIO, Forbes, TechTarget, and numerous industry magazines and is a major contributor to The Doppler, the cloud industry’s thought-leadership publication. He is also a keynote speaker at numerous technology and HPE led events, clearly articulating technology shifts while having a great time doing it!

Building a container strategy―13 potholes to avoid

Robert Christiansen
Containers and the rise of Kubernetes is the most talked-about, most impactful IT technology today. Containers give enterprises the ability to do amazing things, like build applications faster, move workloads between platforms, and optimize their...