Data Security

The Cyber Sheild: A Blueprint for Digital Security & Resilience

The Ransomware Menace

Ransomware is a concern across all industries.  High-profile attacks make headlines and cause substantial disruptions. The reason these attacks are successful is often inadequate monitoring and a broad attack surface. Many organizations fail to implement best practices such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), change management, and proper access controls.

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Build a Cyber-Resilient Organization

People have always topped the list of what keeps enterprise executives up at night. Leaders wonder, “Is the right talent in the right places?” and “How do we maximize employee productivity and improve our customer experience?” Now two years into the pandemic, executives have a new people-related concern, “How do we stop bad actors from compromising our data and stealing it for gain?”
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Getting Started with Data-centric Security

With a proliferation of cyber-attacks throughout the pandemic, data-centric security has been pushed to the forefront of many organizations’ cybersecurity strategy. Even companies with mature security programs are vulnerable to breach, and since data is a valuable asset, it is crucial to properly protect it. The importance of securing data, whether it is at rest or in-use, is being understood as companies realize the consequences of data breaches and non-compliance with data privacy regulations.
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How to Keep Employee Home Wireless Networks from Being Weakest Link your Cybersecurity Chain

Now that we are slowly coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic, work might never return to the “normal” of employees spending the majority of their days in an office building. Remote working, or some hybrid, is probably here to stay, says Forbes Magazine. How much did the Pandemic effect our working habits? Pew Research reported in December of 2020 that roughly 20% worked from home before the coronavirus outbreak and that number quickly ratcheting up to 71% during the outbreak. They also report that 54% would want to work from home after the outbreak ends.
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Democratization of AI in the Enterprise

The democratization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it easier for organizations to transform their business with AI. It wasn't that long ago that applying AI to transform a business required a lot of technical expertise and hiring resources from a scarce talent pool. Let alone the expensive infrastructure to achieve such a feat. And something that only larger organizations can afford and justify as they are working on solving significant problems.
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