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New IDC paper: Banking’s mission critical challenges

Banks hold rich data, but they cannot leverage it in real-time without modern analytics environments. Read IDC’s discussion of how modern mission critical platforms, such as HPE Superdome Flex, address digital transformation challenges in the banking industry and specifically around core banking systems.

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Build a mission critical SQL Server 2022 solution

Having an effective data strategy is imperative when managing growth of data and devices, future-proofing your business, and controlling costs. Read about the remarkable scale-up performance results of our new Microsoft SQL Server 2022 reference architecture built on HPE Superdome Flex 280 and HPE Alletra storage.

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Watch: Efficiently analyze massive SQL Server volumes

Are you running, or thinking of building, a data warehouse on Microsoft SQL Server? In this new HPE video, see how HPE Superdome Flex 280 – configured as an 8-socket server with 12 TB of memory – can harness the full power of SQL Server, as it delivers impressive performance in running a 100TB data warehouse workload.

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IDC: Key considerations for your “digital first” strategy

“Digital first” business strategies – the transition to digitally manageable processes – are changing business globally. Read IDC’s discussion of how today’s modern, standardized, ultra-reliable mission critical platforms provide much-needed continuity as you reinvent your business processes.

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