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Accelerate your career

Get the right IT and power skills designed for your future. With the newly released HPE Education Learning Credits, you now have greater flexibility to get training that is right for you—when you want and how you want. HPE Education Learning Credits are simple to redeem, apply to a broad set of training options at a low price point, and provide tremendous budget flexibility.

Learn how sustainability is vital to your future

Do you know that sustainability is a vital future best practice for achieving business value and return on investment? Join us Wednesday, August 30 (7 pm PST) for a one hour webinar “Rethinking Sustainability through IT and Digital.’ HPE and PeopleCert experts will discuss how sustainability reduces exposure to market challenges (including VUCA— volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), mitigates risk, supports procurement, protects the supply chain, and creates strong cultural values within the enterprise.