Registration for NonStop Technical Boot Camp is OPEN!

Join the global HPE NonStop community at this year’s NonStop TBC 50th Golden Anniversary conference. Come network with NonStop engineers, executives, partners, and customers for key announcements, innovation, and collaboration.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate this milestone year and enjoy the beauty of Monterey Bay, California, on September 23-26, 2024.  SAVE with Early Bird registration until August 15th.

Secure your spot now!

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Gravic Inc. News for March 2024

Gravic to Present on HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience at OZTUG, eGTUG, SunTUG, and ATUG

It’s always a pleasure to interact face-to-face at these TUG meetings. We always appreciate your questions and comments regarding our material and what is happening in your corner of the world. We will present variations of these talks:

  1. Advanced Data Resilience and Recovery with HPE NonStop Shadowbase Software
    Learn about DORA and the HPE Digital Resilience Framework and how HPE Shadowbase solutions can help protect and recover your HPE NonStop data from Ransomware and Malware attacks.
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Cybersecurity in the Boardroom: A Strategic Driver for Growth

Cybersecurity has struggled for many years to make it onto the boardroom agenda. The perception of it as a purely technology function with limited strategic importance has led many organizations to take a short-term, check-box approach to managing cyber risk. This grossly undervalues the role cyber can and should have. In fact, one 2023 study finds that half (51%) of global business decision makers (BDMs) still consider “it a necessary cost but not a revenue contributor,” while 38% see it as a barrier rather than a business enabler.…

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ETI-NET and XYPRO Enhance the Digital Resilience of HPE NonStop Systems

Expanding on their leadership positions in HPE NonStop Backup Storage Management and Cybersecurity Threat Detection, the latest partnership delivers enhanced levels of HPE NonStop digital resiliency.

ETI-NET, the leading provider of HPE NonStop backup systems data and monitoring management, and XYPRO Technology, the leading provider of HPE NonStop Cybersecurity and Compliance software, have established a new level of partnership to enhance digital resiliency.…

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WEBINAR: Transforming Connectivity: A Deep Dive into LightWave Client™ and LightWave Server™

Date – 04-17-2024 
Location: Online/Virtual 

Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by TIC and NuWave Technologies as we explore the
transformative capabilities of LightWave Client™ and LightWave Server™.

Designed for HPE NonStop enterprise customers, LightWave Client™ and LightWave Server™
together enable seamless access to REST Web services and expose HPE NonStop-hosted
applications as industry-standard REST services.

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Welcome to the Era of BadGPTs

A new crop of nefarious chatbots with names like “BadGPT” and “FraudGPT” are springing up on the darkest corners of the web, as cybercriminals look to tap the same artificial intelligence behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Just as some office workers use ChatGPT to write better emails, hackers are using manipulated versions of AI chatbots to turbocharge their phishing emails. They can use chatbots—some also freely-available on the open internet—to create fake websites, write malware and tailor messages to better impersonate executives and other trusted entities.

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