C2 Fall 2022 Editors' Picks

Omer Asad on the Future of HPE Storage

HPE is charging ahead with Storage-as-a-Service and Omer Asad is bringing a suite of new cloud data services, powered by the high-performance storage hardware that HPE is known for.

With HPE Storage, we have been on a journey to change the way people capture, store, access and use their data.

More and more companies are recognizing that data is an asset – and that the ability to capture, store and manage data is crucial for businesses that want to remain competitive.

But currently, all of the options that help customers drive toward data modernization, come with limitations. There are three main challenges associated with current storage offerings:

  • Complexity: many of the other options available for managing data are complex. They require domain expertise for ongoing management, preventing IT teams from tackling strategic initiatives.
  • Crisis: we are generating ever-increasing volumes of data. And as more and more people realize the value of all of this data, the more it becomes a target of attack. Recovering from a breach – or more importantly, protecting against one – is a huge concern.
  • Cost: there are many options out there for managed IT services and public cloud solutions to meet availability needs. But they often come at a premium – and even at high levels of cost may not meet exactly what the customer needs.

Our answer to this is:

  • We deliver a suite of services that give customers self-service agility for easy ongoing maintenance, freeing up IT resources for more strategic projects.
  • We are focusing on the outcomes our customers need and giving them solutions to easily capture, store and protect their data, everywhere the data is.
  • We have created cost-effective, SLA-driven custom solutions for storage that meets customers’ exact needs and prevents over-provisioning and over-spending.
HPE Discover 2022: Omer Asad, SVP & GM of Cloud Data Services, HPE Storage is joined on stage by HPE customers and Tom Black, EVP & GM of HPE Storage to talk about how to modernize your enterprise with data services that deliver cloud operations everywhere.


Delivering the cloud operational experience

We know that customers want to simplify operations and we believe the speed and agility of a cloud operational experience everywhere is the answer.

To deliver the cloud operational experience, we start with data infrastructure, our primary and secondary storage platforms. Then we add services, such as block storage, data protection and disaster recovery on top of this reliable hardware platform.

So, the products that we are known for, the 3PAR, the Primera, the Nimble, the Alletra…we are building on top of that foundation to deliver self-service agility and a streamlined purchase and management experience. The benefit of this approach is that customers (working via a partner) can go to greenlake.hpe.com to select the service or services they need, then activate their service. That is it. Our team works behind the scenes to put together the mix of software and hardware to meet customers’ needs.

We give customers one pane of glass to manage their entire storage operation, whether they’re operating on-prem, in the public cloud or both. We are creating simplicity for customers, to focus on business outcomes (rather than managing their data).

Today, customers are not buying the technology based on features, they are buying for outcomes….and they are demanding a better experience. So that’s what we are doing. We are bringing new solutions to market, in a cloud operational experience that meets customers’ needs, whatever they may be.

HPE Discover 2022: Asad shares the newest data management solutions from HPE Storage, that offer simple, streamlined, self-service agilty for customers.

Our new storage and data services solutions

At HPE Discover 2022, we talked a lot about how customers can “Modernize Your Enterprise.” And we introduced new products and services to help our customers harness the power of their data:

  • HPE GreenLake for HCI: HPE GreenLake for HCI allows customers to build a self-service cloud, on-demand, wherever they need it. With cloud-based management and self-service agility, organizations can now procure and manage virtual machines by bringing the cloud operational experience to on-prem, co-located and edge environments.
  • Expanded Data Protection as-a-Service: HPE GreenLake for Data Protection now offers two new services including modern data protection cloud services with DR and ransomware recovery with HPE GreenLake for Disaster Recovery (Zerto), as well as backup with HPE Backup and Recovery Service for Amazon Web Services (AWS), specifically Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes.
  • HPE GreenLake for Block Storage: We are changing the game for Storage as a Service (STaaS) now that HPE GreenLake for Block Storage is available. With this solution, customers can go faster with self-service agility, consume as a service, and run any app – without compromise.

With these new offerings, we are removing the barriers for organizations to modernize their storage and data lifecycle infrastructure. We’re helping customers accelerate their business outcomes by bringing the cloud operational experience wherever their data lives.

HPE Discover 2022: Asad discusses HPE Storage services with theCUBE.

What this means for customers

Terabytes upon terabytes of data are being generated every day. Businesses have to have a strategy and a system for managing their data. You need a system to manage the entire data process, to organize and harness the power of your data to improve sales, R&D, operations and gain a competitive edge.

We are offering the ability to effectively – and efficiently – capture, store and manage your data. And even better, we are giving you the ability to do this from anywhere, on any device.

At the end of the day, we are delivering time and cost savings to our customers, through better control and agility within their data operations.