Modern file storage accelerates the AI-driven search for cures

The hunt for new cures and treatments is at the leading edge of life sciences research. HPE GreenLake for File Storage delivers the next-gen file storage needed to accelerate that search. Learn how.

David Yu, HPE Storage Product Marketing

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Historic collaboration: Next-gen virtual infrastructure accelerates apps, boosts workloads

Today we are excited to announce the new HPE ProLiant with VMware vSphere® Distributed Services Engine™ developed in collaboration with VMware and AMD Pensando as the first HPE solution for VMware’s Project Monterey. This new solution enables the data processing unit (DPU) to offload services from core processors and improve application performance with a modern distributed architecture.


Krista-Satterthwaite_Sr-VP-General-Manager_HPE-Compute_1550449759248.jpeg“Together with VMware and AMD Pensando, HPE continues to define the enterprise architecture of the next decade.

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Modernize the hospital data center with personalized healthcare IT

Until recently, the traditional hospital data center featured a conventional three-tiered infrastructure, where compute, storage, and network resources were all managed separately. This environment required multiple IT staff with specialized skills—a luxury many hospitals do not have. But times are changing.


Personalized medicine is already here

Today’s approach to healthcare is very different from centuries ago, or even a few decades ago.…

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Are we on the path to a National Data Privacy Law?

For years, US lawmakers have avoided making tough calls about what data privacy protections we should give consumers and how they should be enforced. That finally may be changing.

Last week, the US House Energy and Commerce Committee greenlit a watershed privacy bill that strikes compromises on a series of major issues that have long vexed congressional negotiators. It marks the first time a federal consumer privacy bill has made it out of a US congressional committee, a historic feat.

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The Struggle with Threat Intelligence

Driven by a vast majority of security professionals who consider cyber threat intelligence a valuable resource in finding and dealing with security threats, the adoption of threat intelligence services and capabilities continues to take off.

Yet, security analysts continue to slowly adopt the technology needed to make better use of threat data. In fact, “taking advantage of cyber threat intelligence” represented one of the top security challenges for nearly 30% of respondents according to the 2021 State of Security Operations Report published by CyberRes.…

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Modernize your data management with HPE GreenLake and Cohesity

Cyber threats are on the rise with the explosion of apps across the edge and cloud, and enterprise leaders are strategizing about how best to counter attackers. Modern data management for hybrid cloud can help.

According to a recent Enterprise Strategy Group survey, cybersecurity initiatives are a top priority for CIOs, translating into increased IT spending. More than half (53%) of respondents said they are spending more now to implement long-term technology strategies that will give them a more flexible and resilient IT infrastructure in the event of future major business disruptions.…

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Introducing Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 Accelerators for HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems

HPE and Qualcomm are collaborating to deliver high performance and power efficient solutions for customers deploying ML/DL models at the edge.

AI Inference workloads are often larger in scale than training workloads and frequently need to meet specialized requirements such as low-latency and high-throughput to enable real-time results. That’s why the best model deployment infrastructure often differs from what’s needed for development and training.…

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Recap HPE Discover 2022

The future of automotive manufacturing is digital. This future is already reality for at least one German premium manufacturer. A fully digital production control system improves processes and quality, reduces cost, and creates flexibility – all at the same time. The Manufacturing Execution System PLUS from abat ensures that the IT landscape does not become even more complex and thus unmanageable.…

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Making App Modernization Easier with HPE and vFunction

Co-authored by Amir Rapson at vFunction and Ka Wai Leung at HPE

Enterprises have developed many Java applications over time, with many of these applications being deployed as mission critical workloads. These Java applications are mainly monolithic applications with a single tightly coupled large code base that is tied to a technology stack. Managing and releasing these types of applications are challenging for development teams.…

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The Insider Threat Problem: Your biggest threat may already be inside!

With insider threats it’s not a matter of if, but rather a question of when your organization will be hit. Just last week HackerOne, a security company, dealt with a rogue employee stealing data reported through the company’s bug bounty system. According to the article, the insider threat actor was turning around and using the privileged data to claim bounties directly from the affected companies, making a tidy profit.…

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