The Next Generation of NonStop Technology: Meet NonStop Under 40 (NSU40)

Three years ago, Navid Khodayari, President of Idelji Corp., and Kristi Elizondo, CEO of Connect Worldwide, started an ongoing conversation. Throughout their travels, to various TUGs around the world, they continued to craft ways that promote and invest in the next generation of NonStop practitioners. In 2016 an informal breakout session was held at NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Jose. Navid remembers that he had no agenda for the meeting other than to get people together and see what everyone wanted to talk about, “everyone started talking and, just like that, NSU40 was born.” He became the first president, and establishing the first Board of Directors came next, including representation from customers, partners, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Education and marketing were high on the list, and the door opened for an online message board for member engagement.
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A Note from Connect Leadership

We are fresh off another successful NonStop Technical Boot Camp, and I hope all of you that attended found it to be a valuable experience. We had a great few days with presentations from HPE, Partners, and Customers, as well as loads of Networking time. The first-ever NonStop Hackathon was a great success and the second-ever NSU40 Pub Crawl was a great time! Other notable events included the second annual Women in Technology event and our Community Celebration with trivia from Geeks who Drink. The trivia competition that night was fierce, and it took a tiebreak question to determine a winner! Basically good times by all!
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News from HPE’s NonStop Division

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Living the NonStop Technical Boot Camp afterglow!

There’s nothing like coming back to face day-to-day and end of the year work activities after attending a great NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) like we had this year. I find myself in a very good mood with many creative ideas being discussed within my team’s future programs and possibilities for NonStop.

This year’s TBC was truly a pleasure!…

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NonStop Trends & Wins

At this year’s NonStop TBC we had the first ever NonStop Hackathon. Hackathons have become commonplace but not on NonStop. To me this shows a new commitment to keep NonStop current and viable. 3 teams competed to connect to the vNonStop system in Alpharetta and demonstrate connectivity. There were cash prizes. The competitors all received the inaugural T-shirt and to keep them going, a snack table, and, of course, beer.
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Expanding NonStop Opportunities

As has been stated in previous Expanding NonStop Opportunities articles, the main metrics for applications very important to the organization are – 99.99999 % (7 x 9s) or higher system availability $1,000,000. / minute fee from supplier for non-compliance
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XYPRO’s 2020 Cybersecurity Predictions – Add 2 Factor Authentication and Machine Learning to Your Plans!

As 2020 approaches, it’s time to discuss cybersecurity predictions that will impact the industry in the upcoming year. As a CISSP and Chief Information Security Officer for XYPRO, I thought long and hard about what I could say that would be impactful and hasn't been said before - that’s a tall order! The reality is, what we predicted would be important in 2019, 2018 and even 2017 - is still applicable. A lot of what we predicted back then was never properly addressed and remains a risk today - credential theft and attacks targeting privileged user logins are more prevalent than ever. Currently, the best way to combat these types of attacks is to use 2-factor authentication.
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NuWave’s Year in Review

We’ve had a busy year here at NuWave, and as of this writing, NonStop TBC hasn’t even happened yet! This year was NuWave’s 20th anniversary, as you may have read about in the July/August issue of The Connection, and it was also the 15th anniversary of our partnership with TIC Software, NuWave’s primary reseller in the United States and Canada. This year, we’ve also been doing a lot of traveling to meet all of you lovely NonStoppers and to spread the word about Web services!
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NonStop SQL/MX: High Transaction AND Online Analytical Processing

Many years ago now, a company known as Tandem was struggling to stay viable in the new world of client-server. This was in the mid-1990s, and the CEO of Tandem, Roel Pieper, was looking at partnering with Microsoft, the main company driving client-server architecture. Microsoft was struggling to move up within the enterprise space, needing a more robust solution and decided to provide a clustering option, code-named Wolfpack, to Windows. Several vendors contributed to Wolfpack, including Tandem which became Windows clustering software...
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Data is your superpower

In today’s world of round-the-clock online business and commerce, data is everywhere. Data has become your superpower, even more so when it’s protected data. As many users of HPE NonStop systems are processing a large amount of sensitive or mission-critical data it is paramount that such data is protected in the best possible manner. The challenge that many organizations are facing is that the isolated databases of old have evolved dramatically and so has the need for appropriate data protection and security.
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