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In the Spring of 2017, Deloitte published their annual Human Capital Trends survey. In it, they reported that:

    • Skills development is the #2 topic on the minds of CEOs and HR leaders
    • 83% of organizations rate this topic as  important
    • 54% of organizations rate this topic as urgent

In contrast to this need, however, many organizations report having challenges with obtaining all of the technology training that their IT teams and technical professionals require. Some of the primary inhibitors to sufficient training, include the fast pace of changes in technology, along with the lack of ability for organizations to tolerate time out of office.

In addition, the workforce demographic has changed; millennials and digital natives learn differently and with different motivation than other generations. They value flexibility, collaboration and community. They expect learning to deliver high quality, engaging experiences, and to utilize technology and social platforms as part of the experience.

So what is needed? A combination of new blended with traditional. New content which is modular and can be served on-demand, at the point of need for learning alongside traditional learning methods. Digital communities of learners who can interact with each other and collaborate to accelerate and reinforce the learning experiences. Digital badging credentials which enable professionals with earned skills, to show their capabilities and find each other online for assistance and coaching.

    • HPE has introduced a modern digital learning platform to provide our customers with deeper and broader access to all types of technical training. This platform provides:
    • An online Digital Learner portal, enabling people to increase their technical skills with hands-on virtual learning experiences presented in tailored learning paths, with supporting materials, videos, labs, and interactive communities of professionals all in virtual digital teams
    • Content Packs, covering the core HPE technology areas like servers, storage, networks, cloud and security along with other adjacent technology
    • Premium Seats, with access to traditional classroom training for licensed seat-holders enabling progression of training without having to budget for each course separately
    • Discussion Forum communities, for interactive collaboration, mentoring and information sharing as part of the training experience
    • Digital Badging credentials, awarded to individual students who complete training journeys and upskill missions
    • Metrics and reporting, to measure team and individual learning progress
    • Education Consulting experts, to help monitor and guide learning journeys, suggesting content and appropriate next steps according to progress and reporting

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